Bigger Than the Game has ratings and 43 reviews. Gord said: After reading Dirk Hayhurst’s the Bullpen Gospels, I was looking forward to reading more. The title of Dirk Hayhurst%26#;s third %26#;tell-all%26#; book, Bigger than the Game: Restitching a Major League Life, is a bit. His third book, Bigger than the Game, may be his greatest attempt yet to show the world what life at the highest level is truly.

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You get a glimpse of the physical grind plus the mental and emotional toll that ibgger player goes through. I have my own experiences with depression and anxiety.

There are some pretty valuable life lessons in this book and I always love Hayhurst’s writing style. Players have to learn not only how to play the game, but how to play a role when they reach the elite levels of their sport. Like I have said in other reviews, Hayhurst is a great communicator.

It is an interesting look into how one sports professional deals with a serious injury and his rehabilitation.

Bigger Than the Game: Restitching a Major League Life

You love the game so much yet you also loathe its insignificance. It also explores the overriding fear of the professional athlete when his body gives out on him.

I thought this book was more humorous than the previous two, but I also thought that Hayhurst really does come across as selfish hayhurdt arrogant.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In Bigger Than the Game, Hayhurst uncovers the life you definitely have not heard: Not sure what drew me to this book, but my guess that it would have something to do with it being a kind of off-beat sports memoir.

After nearly a decade in the minors, Dirk Hayhurst defied the odds to climb onto the pitcher’s mound for the Toronto Blue Jays. It starts with Hayhurst injuring himself offseason, and follows him through his attempted rehab with the team during spring training. See if you have enough points for this item. His phone conversations with hayhhrst shrink were very insightful and thought provoking.

Review of Bigger Than The Game by Dirk Hayhurst

Restitching a Major League Lifeis a bit of an enigma. The book does not depict the baseball locker room culture or the Jays organization well. At any opportunity he was sucking up to the media to promote his previous book which was just coming out when diirk book takes place or going on and on about what a hard time he was having adjusting and being shut out by the other team members.

Frankly, it could have taken place in any other sport or in many other jobs — there isn’t much distinctly baseball content in this one. Each of his books tells a cohesive story: To take any of it more seriously than that was a mistake.

Stories of the Game. When that doesn’t do so well, he rehabs at a couple of sports medicine clinics.


Review of Bigger Than The Game by Dirk Hayhurst

The Red Kelly Story. Then he has a year-long journey with surgery and various levels of treatment in an assortment of rehab facilities. He states in the book how he had signed a book deal in which he had to write two more books. Throw in the flack Dirk takes from certain players about his first book which is released in and you see a down time in his career.

The Legend Comes to Life. This book gives you an inside look into the world of rehabbing an injury. The if and Whens.

A particularly funny section of the book takes place at the world famous Andrews Clinic in Birmingham, where Hayhurst encounters sadistic trainers, a baseball crazy nun, a living ghost of the old south, and wrestler Triple H.

Up, Up, and Away. It starts with the self-inflicted shoulder injury lifting too much weight he got in the offseason after and how he dealt with injury dur From http: Lists with This Book.

Instead of succumbing to his problems, he uses the time to step away from the intense competition of sport and get some much-needed perspective.

He is thankful the Toronto Blue Jays kept him and didn’t release him.