Biefeld-Brown effect is not understood. The order of magnitude of the net force on the asymmetric capacitor is estimated assuming two different mechanisms of. PDF | The Biefeld-Brown is a fascinating effect with which levitation can be reached without moving or rotating elements. Static voltage is. Biefeld-Brown effect Lifter. «on: 03/15/ AM». Has anyone heard of (or even built) one of these asymmetrical capacitor “Lifters”. I just saw a story on it.

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The Parallel Universe of T. Befeld from the Rabbit Hole 3: This effect may provide new tools for investigation of the quantum nature of our world.

I can’t believe something like browb hasn’t been known or throughly studied by some propulsion type group. Other ionic US patents of interest: The Biefeld—Brown effect is an electrical phenomenon that produces an ionic wind that transfers its momentum to surrounding neutral particles.

Such a scaling of the signal with mass may be indicative of a gravitational signature.

Biefeld-Brown effect

Fill blefeld your details below or click an icon to log in: I had got ahold of the original patents by a guy named de Seversky. According to their report, the researchers claimed that the effects of ion wind was at least three orders of magnitude too small to account for the observed force on the asymmetric capacitor in the air.

In a series of papers co-authored with fellow university physicist Douglas G. Several researchers claim that conventional efdect cannot adequately explain the phenomenon. Unlike the Casimir effect, which is insensitive to the ultraviolet cut-off needed to make summations and integrals converge, this new effect depends critically upon high-frequency and is, in this sense, more like the Lamb shift.

With a large enough power supply, it shouldn’t matter how little thrust this produces, so long as it produces even a miniscule thrust: Historically, numerous patents have been granted for various applications of the effect, from electrostatic dust precipitation, to air ionizersand also for flight.


Additionally, I wonder how it compares to closed case ion drives, lets say if you injected some propellant into the electrostatic field Anyway, here are some links: The test bidfeld are spheres of sffect sizes but different density hence different masses.

Usually, two electrodes are used with a high voltage between them, ranging from a few kilovolts and up to megavolt levels, where one electrode is browwn or sharp, and the other larger and smoother.

Biefeld–Brown effect

Townsend Brown, – Tanglewood Books, Chapter So long as it is still a ‘near vacuum’, there is still some working fluid for its open electrostatic field to use. VP of International Spaceflight Museum – http: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Given internal ion engines need a near vacuum to work in as well, the only difference is that a lifter could theoretically use the proton flow of the solar wind if its electrostatic field could be strong and large enough much like the magnetoplasma sail depends on solar wind as well.

Based on an analysis of experimental data taken on the Biefeld-Brown effect, a case is made for describing this effect as a secondary electrostatic effect related to the global electric field. What I was refering to, though, was Myrbo’s latest sceme for directing a maser at a lightcraft, absoring that energy with rectennas, and using it power an air ionisation propulsion system A light balsa frame, aluminum foil, some wires, and 30, volts will make a levitating model craft for which no clear explanation exists for that behavior.

But at one g in a near vacuum there won’t be he mass flow for one of these to fly, that’s what I was complaning about AS for the magnetoplasma sail I think it’s a great idea but is there a superconductor biefedl a high enough H c avaiable? Latest Solar Wind Values Air Force Systems Command. The vacuum of empty space is a restless place. I’ll note that JP Aerospace is planning on this sort of propulsion for their space blimps Part IV of the Holiday Serial”.

  HIOKI 3281 PDF

InBrown filed a patent that claimed that a net force on the asymmetric capacitor can exist even in a vacuum. For example, two parallel metal plates will feel a minute force, called the Casimir effect, pulling them together.

Quantitative data, such as, baseline weight and the response to the electric field will be presented.


The thruster would be thrusting in the direction of travel in orbit, not vertically. Retrieved 20 June As part of a study inU. Using relativity, Feigel found that the Abraham definition accounts for the vrown of the electric and bbrown fields alone, while the Minkowski definition also takes into account the momentum of the material. NASA has done a study of this technology, and this technology is actually pretty good in very low pressure environemnts.

Hagen infor apparatus more or less identical to the later so-called ‘ lifter ‘ devices. I’m not talking about something for launch. It might be useful as a thruster in LEO, where there is still some atmosphere, but less effective brwn higher in the thermosphere you get.

Now Alexander Feigel of Rockefeller University in New York has predicted an analogous but rather surprising effect that a dielectric body placed in crossed electric and magnetic fields will extract linear momentum from the vacuum and start to move: Misinterpretation of Corona Wind Phenomena”. This leads to a Coulomb force and change of momentum so small as to be zero.

Though the applied voltage and borwn will propagate at nearly the speed of light, the movement of the conductors themselves is almost negligible.