The Bicesse Accords in Angola. Virginia Page Fortna. In ‘ the combatants in Angola’s longstanding civil war signed a peace agreement. But the country was. Angola: The Bicesse Accords. Extracted from: “Angola” IN Compendium of Elections in Southern Africa (), edited by Tom Lodge, Denis Kadima and David. 25 years ago, May 31, , the Angolan Government and UNITA rebel movement signed in Portugal the Bicesse Accords that put an end to a.

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The process of completion of the formation of FAA under the verification and monitoring of the United Nations will guarantee the existence of one single, national and nonpartisan armed forces obeying the sovereign organs of the Republic of Angola.

Bicesse Accords

The disengagement of forces; 2. The setting up of verification mechanisms; 4. Specific numbers, type and location blcesse forces; 7. Both sides are restricted from moving. All offensive movements and military actions are prohibited.

Both sides will be made aware of any movements that occur. In places where troops are in contact, the forces of both sides will stop firing and position themselves in a defensive posture.


Both sides will conduct a limited disengagement this will be a small movement to avoid direct or indirect fire with the assistance of the United Nations. The modalities of resupply specified in step one still apply. In all cases, both sides will furnish the United Nations accordss details concerning their respective forces to include number of men, composition and type of force, type of equipment and specific location.

However, no movement of forces bicsse take place without United Nations notification and verification. Movements of forces will be progressively monitored and verified by the United Nations and will be conducted based on the availability of assets.

Angola: Bicesse Accords Signed 22 Years Ago

United Nations personnel will be deployed in accordance with the new United Nations mandate. UNITA claimed that after the ceasefire, the government attacked rebel positions throughout the country; the claim was denied by President Dos Santos. In a March U. Fifteen quartering areas for UNITA troops were under construction and the sites had been approved by the parties. The government claimed that the majority were children with non-working weapons.

Moreover, 1, of acocrds soldiers had subsequently deserted the areas.


Demobilization: Lusaka Protocol | Peace Accords Matrix

As of Octoberthe FAA completed 61 verified troop withdrawals. It was estimated thatsoldiers remained to be demobilized and that only Alioune Blondin Beye, the special U. This is beginning to look like a very long time,” conceded Mr. Another 7, rebel soldiers had been integrated into the joint national army and roughly 18, UNITA troops had abandoned the process.

None of the elements in the timetable were met.

On 11 March, they set a new timetable of 1 April. Among observer bodies, there seemed to be near unanimous acceptance that UNITA had maintained its core fighting units as well as almost all its artillery and weapons. In July, over people were killed in the massacre of a small village Mussukuas surrounding troops shelled the homes.

Local media reports stated that the Angolan countryside was at war. Step five involves the repatriation of all mercenaries in Angola.