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Express 9, Light mirrors for VHE astronomy telescopes. The experiments with axial circular welds were made on samples of low carbon steel. In a real experiment, this condition is not sharp but gets relaxed due to the finite time- and spectral- width of the pump pulse, due to transverse profile of its intensity, transverse width of the pump beam and finite length of the nonlinear crystal.

This arrangement has been allowed to be less sensitive to a beam position variation. This fact makes possible to realize the comparison of the properties of methods. The area of correlations has also been experimentally measured. This welding technique is called Keyhole mode welding or deep penetration welding.


The main disadvantage of the profilometry is the execution of the calibration which is necessary to be done in the measurement process. This laser, available in our laboratory, with average power W and maximal pulse energy 30 J can produce pulse from 0. The prototype could be suitable for a local network communication distance: The last measurement is made after hours.

There are two curves plotted in the graph. It creates the divergent beam. With the advent bermard ultrashort and intense pulsed laser sources and periodically-poled nonlinear materials, however, it is now possible to generate many correlated photon pairs from a single pumping pulse.

/01 – Jemná mechanika a optika

The drawback of the elliptical-mirror design is its high sensitivity to the position of the particle beam. However, its sensitivity to air moisture results in problems of keeping constant properties of a recorded hologram.

While tested a significant increase in the light collection was observed — a factor 10 optolektronika respect to the basic fluorescence chamber designed for the project [5]. The reconstruction is not perfect due to the impossibility to describe precisely all noises occurring in the experiment. The measurement was carried out with the energy MeV of the electron beam.


When the Research Ooptoelektronika of Optics was established inthe group expanded to another room and obtained an ultrafast Ti: The dashed line shows the direction of the cut which is depicted in Fig.

We made several configuration simulations, for example with eight or twelve side mirrors. B 39, 1 Finite detection quantum efficiencies, noises as well as possible loss of one or both photons from a pair are taken into account. With this new rotary support together with special fixture there were done an optimisation of laser parameters for axial circular welds.

Moreover, all the optical paths are made of fibers, and the device is assembled in a shielding box. For that purpose, we have found the method of maximum likelihood estimation extraordinarily suitable.

The Mechanical Systems Design Handbook: Modeling, Measurement, and Control

The optimal solution should be parabolic mirror, but making the mirror with this diameter is technically demanding and more expensive then spherical mirrors production. Welding and brazing, Vol.

The geometrical setup of the experiment optoelekyronika is shown on the Fig. Experimental multi-photon-resolving detector using a single avalanche photodiode Simultaneously we continued in construction of photon-numberresolving detectors, which could be used to trigger the source described above.

One implementation used loop fiber configuration splitting incident multi-photon state into several temporal contributions that can be measured with a single avalanche photodiode see Fig.

The task for fluorescence detectors is to detect the feeble fluorescence light emitted by nitrogen molecules excited by collision with cosmic rays of very high energy in high level atmosphere at the altitude up to 20 km.

This numerical model was used mainly to set of the suitable process parameters, to determinate of the temperature field opteolektronika laser welding and the range of molten zone and heat affected zone, but it provides instantaneous process information for the heating and cooling rates, metallurgical structure of the material, distortions, stresses, yield stress of the modified material, plastic strains, that is area of next research.


Literatura [1] American Society of Metals. This strip is projected on the surface of the measuring object. First, the profilometry can be applied to obtain the data file containing the values of three coordinates in number of measured points.

A principal layout is on the figure1. Optoelektroniika it is necessary to pay close attention to the thermal expansivity and rigidity of the mechanism, because the system is very sensitive to misalign. Then there is a single photon in the idler beam and this photon is used for cryptography.

Several views to the measured cotyle are illustrated on the Fig. We generated the two-photon Werner states, which represent a smooth transition between maximally entangled singlet state, and maximally chaotic mixed two-photon state. This price of subscription is the same for both Czech and Slovac Republics.

Zitke joint signal-idler photon-number distribution is obtained using the expectation maximization algorithm. Figure1 shows the scheme of this experimental setup used for mutual identification of two parties called Alice and Bob. The knowledge of the strip shape in the detection plane enables us to determine the surface shape of the measured object.


The conjugate image and higher orders of diffraction are absent so that there is a unique direction of reconstructed wave for reconstructing the image. Area of correlation of the correlated photon pairs is determined. In many applications pseudo-random numbers generated by computers can be used, although such numbers are generated in a deterministic way, and actually they are not benrard, they only seem to be random. The test results of the chamber are described in [6].

These conditions guarantee stable and correct operation.