Warm, humorous, and smoothly readable story of three girls who’ve been friends forever. Nina, Avery, and Mel are the “Bermudez Triangle”. THE BERMUDEZ TRIANGLE. Maureen Johnson, Author. Penguin/Razorbill $ (p) ISBN Biphobia and The Bermudez Triangle: An Open Letter to Maureen Johnson jcatgrl: “ Dear Maureen, When my mother got me The Bermudez.

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Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful. Only A Breath Apart. Latest Book Listings Added.

The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson Book Reviews

The Dark Days Deceit. A romantic relationship with your best friend? Hierin wordt goed verwerkt dat een sterke vriendschap onvoorwaardelijk is, ondanks ruzies en moeilijkheden.

They were even dubbed the Bermkdez Triangle by a jealous girl who wasnt included in their group. I didn’t find any of the triagle characters particularly likeable. Nina goes away for the summer to attend a pre-college camp and falls in love. What happens to all of them over the summer is so unexpected that no one can predict how it will change johhnson friendship forever. I mean, yes, besides the fact that Steve broke up with Nina for a girl just like her and that he was saving the world while they were apart, he was a bad boyfriend.

I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book. Except when it comes to herself. As the two of them grow closer Nina finds herself growing apart.


Well, one gets used to such deptictions in the media, so I made a displeased face and moved on. That one stung me. For Avery, “something about that question made her feel like.

What happens to all of them over the summer is so unexpected that no one can predict how it will change their friendship forever. If you mind normalized cheating, I would skip this. It was very well done. Ladies, we deserve more. Jaureen highly recommend this novel to all girls, because it is empowering.

Notes astronu liked this. These three are not perfect people, they are a bunch of normal teenagers and they don’t necessarily react to their problems in the right way but a lot of dont and thats what i liked about this book it wasn’t preachy it just told us a story and gave us enough trianvle to create our own opinions.

I loved this book! She should’ve stayed with Parker. All I really knew about it was that one of my favorite authors John Green is friends with the author, Maureen Johnson, and that there was some controversy awhile ago over whether or not the book was appropriate for school libraries.

While Mel is certain shes a lesbian, Averys having mixed feelings. And she’s supposed to forgive him and go back to loving him just because they’re going to college together and she thinks he feels sorry and bad about what he did? Class issues come up sometimes, race almost never despite Nina being interracial while everyone else is white.

We have all sorts of YABC buttons for your website. People do break up.



Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Shy Girl in particular could have been portrayed better, I thought – more whiny and clingy than she was supposed to be – although I very much approve of the non-ste This was a light, fun read and I finished it over the course two days, so very readable. Jul 28, Sarah rated it did triamgle like it Shelves: Stay in Touch Sign up. Most people have no idea what maurwen want at seventeen.

I loved the setting.

The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson | : Books

This was a good book. I found I did not like the character as much as I would like to. But I won’t spoil who: And they date in secret. I’m really glad it’s a book. The beginning had me smiling and gleeing. Reader reviewed by ambeen The Bermudez Triangle is a fast paced novel about three friends and how one summer changes their lives forever. To view it, click here. Anything but what we are. Regardless about how a person feels personally about homosexuality, the fact is that it’s out there, and that some people feel that way and we need to love them, and our personal opinion of their johnsonn shouldn’t matter.

In so many ways, Avery is the stereotypical confused, slutty bisexual: