Benjamin William “Ben” Bova (born November 8, ) is an American writer. He is the author Ben Bova. Ben Bova in . Orion and King Arthur. Tor Tom. Orion is a time travel science fiction novel by Ben Bova. The idea is so neat, that this easily could have been one of my all time favourites. I. Ingram The exciting beginning of Bova’s popular “Orion” saga, this is the story of John O’Ryan, a man who awakens one day to discover that he is the leader of a.

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Then–smoke, screams, the heat of flames, the acrid smell of the explosive. Lrion thought everyone could until I began reading about yogis and their “mystical” abilities.

Archived from the original on January 20, I will not be reading others in the series. He is the author of more than [1] works of science fact and fiction, he is six-time winner of the Hugo Awarda former editor of Analog Magazinea former editorial director of Omni ; he was also president of both the National Space Society and the Science Fiction Writers of America.

You should read this, whether you’re a teenager or an old fuddy duddy like me. And there is so much death He is locked in a battle with a mysterious, dark figure who, he has been told, is is even and is intent on destroying humanity.

I tend to be a solitary man, so I often take my lunch hour lateenough oion avoid the noisy crowds. One of the reporters, a sharpfaced woman with a penetratingly nasal voice, interviewed me for a few minutes. If Punjab were to become a superpower tomorrow, its intellectuals may look upon the Punjab of and label it “in dark ages. I won’t continue reading this series.

His face was heavy and grim; his muscular body bulged his clothing. Bova was an avid fencer in his younger days and organized Avco Boa fencing club. The eternal love that originates in one look isn’t exactly realistic. They set that bomb off in the Statue of Liberty, remember?

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In conclusion Orion is a good book however it is not as sophisticated as one might want to be. Per il resto, non ricordo nulla della trama. Ahrimans origin comes as quite a surprise for Orion, but I had it guessed a thousand pages before well, maybe not that manywhich is quite a letdown in my opinion.

He stood by the door for a moment, then went to the bar up by the curtained plate glass window and took a stool. Here is a story in today’s Punjabi Tribune: With a visible effort, she tore her gaze away from the golden man and looked toward me.

Orion, a book by Ben Bova | Book review

Orion is amazing, he is very human, yet he is also more. Ryan soon realizes that the dark figure is moving forward through time; each time the two meet, the dark figure is less angry and less menacing. Deep inside me, a long-buried memory began to nag at me. A middle-aged pair of tourists were studying the French menu warily, suspicious of food they had never heard of before.

Looking at the reviews for the other books, I assume it is going to be more of the same. The main character is able to completely control all of the autonomic functions of his body. Another classic that I didn’t find fantastic. Well, it could have brn, but Orion the book has a few problems, the biggest being that it’s just not terrible well ogion. A wonderful sci-fi with a nen twist.

She was beautiful, with dark hair curling at her shoulders and the strong, classic facial features that marked her as a photographer”s model.

Orion Series

I’m also not fond of historical fiction, but this tale of time travel into Earth’s distant past was far less of a history lesson than an exploration of practical applications in historical settings.

Oct 20, Joe rated it liked it. Two months ago I found myself sitting in a restaurant in midtown Manhattan. I now plan to read bovx whole series. Then, the Neanderthals women are depicted in a sorry state. Bova served as the science advisor for the television series The Starlost [10] and left in disgust after the airing of the first episode On the whole, it read much like a James Patterson novel does, easy to read and a bit dumb.


Book published by Tor Books in Bn he is moving backward through time, he knows what to do at each time. In he wrote the screenplay for an episode of the children’s science fiction television series Land of the Lost entitled “The Search”.

I started to look for my waiter among the four of them loafing by the kitchen doors in the rear of the restaurant, conversing in a mixture of French and Italian.

The medics were treating the wounded. As I stretched bn out on the pavement among the shards of glass from the blown-out window, the police and firemen began to arrive, sirens shrieking.

I turned to see a man enter, a strikingly handsome, gold-maned man of that indeterminate age between thirty and fifty. It tells a story and is able to keep you entertained for many hours. The main character Orion a Super Human created to kill Ahrimam who is trying to end time and to stop him Orion is flung from time period to time period like a glorified rag doll. I recommend this book as a leisure read or something to do when wanting to waste some time on Saturday afternoon.

The room flashed and thundered. I have always been able to control my heartbeat and breathing. As it spends most of its time stating facts and then denying that those facts are true until you almost seem to forget what was the plot of the book in the first place.