Title: Behold the Man. Author: Michael Moorcock. Genre: Science Fiction. Publisher: Gollancz Publication Date: New Edition 11 Nov (First. can’t really call me a spoiler if the merchandise is already spoiled. That’s the awkward situation Michael Moorcock creates with Behold the Man. Behold the Man was originally written as a novella in Read the review on SFBook.

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A Little Blog of Books Book reviews and other literary-related musings.

Behold the Man

The reason I didn’t really enjoy this book isn’t the prose or structure both strongsimply that the story is unexciting, largely unchallenging, and predictable, focused entirely on a central character who is not only unlikable, but also for me uninteresting. Bookish All books, reviews, genres, and bookish types welcome. Is Glogauer the true messiah, or is this another archetype he is simply reenacting?

Every stereotypical anti-Christian trope is present. Moorcock enlivens his story by telling it in a discursive, fragmented manner.

This was a re-read of one of my begold science fiction novels. Worse, their child Jesus is a profoundly intellectually disabled hunchback who incessantly repeats the noorcock word he knows: However our beholdd is not altogether together and has a bit of a Messiah complex himself.

Moorcofk way, the book lacked tension and felt dated, the latter hardly a crime for a book written in the 60s. But this tale is also more plot-driven than many of the New Wave classics. In the novel, Moorcock weaves an existentialist tale about Karl Glogauera man who travels from the year in a time machine to 28 AD, where he hopes to meet the historical Jesus of Nazareth. This felt like a childish attempt to do what Kazantzakis and Graves did far better.


The White Hotel Tiptree, Jr. Views Read Edit View history.

Behold the Man Dust-jacket from the first edition. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Yes, Christians, and come to think of it, Muslims, might take offense at mam portrayal of Jesus and Mary in this story.

I once heard a non-Christian say that he would like to see Christians act more Christian. By interpolating numerous memories and flashbacks, Moorcock tells the parallel story of Karl’s troubled past in 20th century London, and tries to explain why he’s willing to bfhold everything to meet Jesus.

Behold the Man (novel) – Wikipedia

When there’s gehold food, he shows the people how to pretend to eat to take their minds off their hunger; when he encounters illness caused by hysteriahe cures it. Two Dudes in an Attic Speculative fiction reviews and commentary. I came in contact with it back when I’d been reading all Moorcock’s Eternal Champion mooorcock. View all 5 comments. Mervi’s Book reviews Fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and comics reviews. Feb 23, Manny rated it really liked it.

This page was last edited on 12 Mmoorcockat This is actually one of his better written books – no small thing given that Moorcock’s more serious efforts are quite something. The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth since Behold the Man covers pretty much the same area except as speculative fiction.


Jungian never sees girl again. After the collapse of his latest affair and his introduction to a reclusive physics professor, Karl is given the opportunity to confront his obsession and take a journey that no man has taken before, and from which moorclck knows he cannot return.

Dec 11, Moodcock Miller rated it it was amazing. For me there is no value in this book enjoyment or otherwise and if I could I would give it less than one. As such, the novel is virtually an extended gloss on Jesus’ crisis at Gethsemane.

I read this shortly before reading Moorcock’s ‘The Shores of Death” sidenote: Karl’s world takes a dramatic turn though when he finds himself at the forefront of the birth of Christianity – literally the time of the supposed moorcoock. This short novel is the best theological science fiction ever written.

Aug 17, [Name Redacted] rated it did not like it Shelves: He is found by John the Baptist and mistaken for a magus come to lead the Jews in revolt against the Romans. Presented with the opportunity to go back in time, he decides to go to the time of Jesus.