Proving your identity is required for many day-to-day activities like completing an application, cashing a cheque or renting a hotel room. B.C. residents should. You need a Social Insurance Number to work in Canada or to apply for government You can apply for a Social Insurance Number when you arrive in Canada. FILMARRAY┬« BCID Panel – Blood Culture ID Panel for FILMARRAY┬« 21 January, BioFire Submits Special (k) Application to the FDA for the use of.

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I do not know my old Personal Health Identification fodm. There is no spplication for a BC Services Card. Thanks for connecting with us here. I asked the lady on the phone that why should I change my name with the incomplete middle name? ICBC has responded directly to you with a response for your question, but we thought we would share their answer here as well, in case other people might have the same question. To learn more about all that, go to the website. Passport Canada Kelowna says no way it can do that because I need something with a picture and signature on applicatjon off I went back to Service BC and there I still had no satisfaction.

Many provinces such as Ontario do not allow health card to be used as generic photo IDs.

Will this affect my ability to get a BCID? Learn more about the card Find out how to get your card. You can reach them here:. Hi I wanted to know if my wife can use my care card. In order to protect your identity, it is important that your BC Services Card is issued under your legal name and that the same legal name is recorded for the purposes of accessing health care by HIBC.


I go by a shortened version of my name i. I plan to move back to Victoria, BC and re-establish residency there in this summer. I recently got a letter from Health Insurance B. ICBC has its own processes in place for collecting outstanding traffic violations.

Investigate a decision or process that you believe was unfair and help resolve the issue, if possible. Hi Jasmine, The combination of the two into one card also means that the new card only counts as one piece of ID. We are looking into an answer for you. What am I supposed to do? ICBC will be better able to answer this. This delay may lead to inadequate or overly broad antimicrobial therapy and result in therapy-related complications, antimicrobial resistance, and increases in patient morbidity, mortality, and costs.

Please have a look at the MSP eligibility page here: Follow us on Twitter. Thanks for your comment. I need to renew my drivers licence but at ICBC counter I was given a temporary DL and given a paper to phone BC Services Card statement of declaration and told to phone and they keep telling me to phone back next week. Please connect directly with the folks at the BC Services Card centre: Hello Shannie, Thanks for connecting with us here and we hope that you are feeling better.

The only recourse is dorm go to Vital Statistic Canada and pay for a legal name change. Hi Louie, Thanks for connecting with us here. Best to connect directly with the BC Services Card folks and ask them.

Lol barbara, thanks for the heads up. Hi David, Thanks for connecting with us here. Looked on the actual card and sure enough it says issued Feb 12, expires Aug thats ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are looking into this for you and hope to get you some more information next week. Hi Julia, ICBC has responded directly to you with a response for your question, but we thought we would share their answer here as well, in case other people might have the same question.


All my documents on income tax, passport, pension plan, MSP, bank loans, credit cards, etc, and up vorm today, my BCDL had my English name followed by my Chinese name and then last name. They should be able to help you: Explain the details of our products and services.

How to get a BCID as an international student or Working Holiday in Canada

Besides, most of the recent security leaks have come from the inside. This change to exclude my name has essentially created a aoplication identity for me as everything else in my life is under my English name. Did you find what you were looking for?

Hi Dave, Thanks for connecting with us here.

How to get a BCID as an international student or Working Holiday in Canada – Stepwest

Please contact ICBC directly to confirm which pieces of identification you will need to renew your license. Are we supposed to affix our signature there? I do not know where to applucation now, can you please help. Like us on Facebook. Hope this helps and thanks for the feedback! Definitive identification of a pathogen can take 24 to 72 hours through traditional culture methods.

Your question is best sent directly to ICBC. They should be able to give you a bit more information. I called and I was told I had to send a copy of my birth certificate before they would allow ofrm to get a new care card.