Brothers Andrew and Adam Steiner are both descended from Simon Borge- Steiner, but it is unclear who their parents were. ↑ Brothers Andrew and Adam. Was wondering if there are any novels that focuses specifically on House Steiner/ The Lyran Commonwealth/The Lyran Alliance, or at least has. Compiled from ComStar records both ancient and modern comes this sourcebook on the Lyran Commonwealth and House Steiner. Included are dozens of.

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Posted 28 March – Posted 06 May – This doesn’t include all the Inner Sphere General mechs. Remember many mechs are imported or acquired by other means that may not make this list. Not my style, but that’s not the point of my question up top.

Lyran Commonwealth

Most importantly the Atlas. Commando, Firestarter, Locus Medium: Posted 01 April – More specifically, there are a couple of FedCom Civil War novels whose names come immediately to mind.

Atlas, Banshee, Battlemaster, Stalker, Highlander. The Grey Death Legion novels from this timeframe: Lists like that are a lovely touch for me and I do like to see them around.

But you can justify almost any mech for any faction really. Thunderbolt, Dragon Salvaged from the CombineAssaults: One other detail which might be worth noting is that the aforementioned A Bonfire of Worlds is of particular relevance if you plan on getting caught up with the set of circumstances the Lyran Commonwealth finds itself in as of Era Report: Posted 22 May – Sort of Steiner you also have a few books that deal with the Stormhammers, the Lyran flavor militia in Skye’s prefecture that consolidates the rebel group.


I already ordered copies of Handbook: Decision at Thunder Rift is set on a Lyran backwater world, some of The Sword and the Dagger is set on Tharkad, and While Heir to the Dragon is about Theodore Kurita, the section dealing with the 4th Succession War features a number of Lyran officers and does a good job of capturing thestratified social aspects of ther high command.

See you on the field!

Other than that, a significant portion of the novels set in the s follow Victor Steiner-Davion and his life, which is mostly spent split between Tharkad and New Avalon when he’s not fighting the Clans in person, anyway.

Posted 23 April – Don’t sell it, you will have fun with it later.

Indeed, one of the non-Lyran plot lines in Bonfire leads directly into the opening fiction in FM: In the Dark Age, the last four novels published: Also, for a medium, they had the Hatchetman. It does a good damage in a good game. Most importantly of course, the one I’m part of. Loving the hard links in paticular.

The moderator formerly known as the user formerly known as nenechan. Steiner is very fond of assaults.

Link Location Nagelring Academy. I’ll be grabbing some Commandos and thumbing through the Light Mech forum to learn the best ways to kit them out. Measure of a Hero, Call of Duty, and Operation Audacity are all about a Lyran war hero named Archer Christifori who is loyal to Victor battletehc the Civil War and follow his adventures as he fights his way across the Alliance.

The fighting takes place on worlds that were traditionally Lyran since the Succession Wars. There seem to be a lot of mechs for steiner. Posted 15 April – From the era novels stiner already dicovered the Warrior Trilogy, which are probably the bartletech books from then for Lyran characters and plots.


Or an even easier excuse is that your faction has bought some mechs from their neighbors and you got your hands on one.

What are some novels that focus on House Steiner/The Lyrans?

You’ve already gotten through the Blood of Kerensky which has lots of action in Lyran space. So now I’m trying to find as much information on them that I can since I plan on playing as the Lyran Commonwealth in the local game store’s campaing.

Edited by bloodangeluk, 15 June – MechWarrior and Battletech are registered trade-marks of Microsoft Sheiner and are used under license. Two I can confirm from general knowledge is the Commando and the Atlas.

House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth)

They also made the Banshee a workable mech considered a very bad design per lore prior to this when they reworked it, lowering the engine size to free up space for housee firepower an assault mech should pack.

The Atlas II is also extremely rare as they we’re only brought back by the clans. Are the some mechs th hat just scream Thats from hpuse Lyra Commonwealth! William Slayer, on 23 March – Host of Arbitration, your last word in Battletech Talk.

House Steiner and Field Manual: Posted 10 June – You cannot reply to this topic Go to first unread post.