Indies, by Bartolome de las Casas This eBook is for the use of anyone PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK DESTRUCTION OF THE INDIES ***. “A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies,” by Bartolome de Las Casas Las Casas was not the only clerical voice that criticized Spanish imperialists. A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Why do you keep them so oppressed and weary, not giving them enough to eat nor taking care of them in their illness?

The Noble man escaping, gathered together what force he could and made after the Spaniards, who were gone away with no less then a hundred and forty thousand Crowns of his own Treasure; when he had overtaken them, he fell upon them, and having slain above fifty of the Spaniards, he recovered his Gold again.

Now there is so much to be said concerning the slaughters and devastations made by the Spaniards, so many stories to be reckoned up, as would be hardly contained in writing, it being impossible to set down one thing of a hundred: It depicts Las Casas working at his desk, as an Indian companion watches. The Fourth Kingdom was called Xaraqua, being in the centre and middle of the whole Island, for eloquence of language, as also for good government and gentile customs, it excels all the rest, there was in it a great company of Lords and noble men, and for the people themselves they were the most comely in the whole Island.

Other Islands there were near the Island of St.

But they had not been long at home ere they were brought back again by the Robbers, and shut up in the same place, that being oppressed with hunger and thirst they might be forc’d to redeem themselves once more; and thus were many of them three or four times fain to ransom themselves.

They sent therefore to the supreme Lord of the City, as also to all the other Lords and Governors, that they should give them a meeting, but they were no sooner come to parley, but they were all deztruction laid hold on, leaving none to carry back these bad tidings to the rest; first they demanded of them six thousand Indians, to carry the Caszs which they had with them, which when they were brought together they shut up in their houses.

They go naked, only hiding the indecencies of nature, and a poor shag mantle about an ell or two long is their greatest and their warmest covering.

The German Tyrant gave command that all the Indians with their wives and children if possible, should be gathered together and shut up in one large place; which done, they were also commanded to signify to them, that whoever desired to be at liberty, must redeem themselves with their wives and children at a certain Ransom, impos’d upon them at the discretion of the Governor; and to hasten them the more and bring them to a greater necessity, he commanded that no sustenance should be given them, till they had paid the sum required.


The reason why they did captivate the Indians was only this; out of a perverse, obstinate and blind desire of heaping up Gold and riches, which is common to all that have gone into America.

In these ten or twelve years, what with Men, Women, Youths, and Children, above four millions were by the Spaniards consumed part by fire, part by the sword in these destructive wars; wars more unjust and more condemn’d both by the Law of God and men, then any invasion of the Turk against the Roman Catholic Religion.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies Summary & Study Guide

Now being in this manner gathered together in a great and wide place, part of the Spaniards all in arm, stood at the door to keep the rest out, while others with Swords and Lances kill’d the innocent Lambs, so that not one escaped.

As for Anacaona the Queen, that he might seem to be more courteous to her, he caused her to hang her self. However, in he gave up his encomienda and went to Rome where he was ordained a deacon before returning to the Americas.

For this desfruction their common custom, that they no sooner had indis footing in any place, but they committed immediately some notorious violence upon the people, that the rest might stand in the greater fear of them. All which Islands, though they amount to such a number containing in length of ground ddstruction space of above Two thousand miles, lie now altogether solitary without any people or Inhabitant.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies Summary & Study Guide

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies is a book that is acclaimed by scholars for its rhetorical effect. And thus also in this place they confirm’d our foresaid Axiom. He never gives up and struggles throughout his life for a cause that seems impossible to achieve. When he came into these Countries, the Indians, as they were wont, met him with accustomed signs of joy and gladness; but he immediately brake forth into his wonted cruelties, xestruction attain indiws usual scope, which was the heaping up of Gold, the only God which they adore.

Whereupon an infinite number destruftion the Indians came to the Spaniards requesting that they might be their subjects, and that they might serve them. This the tyrant himself confessed, writing that this County was more populous then the County of Mexico, as indeed it was.


A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas – Free Ebook

Millions suffered and died because of the ruthlessness and barbarity of a few Spanish commanders and hundreds of their evil men. There is no language, no art or humane science, that can avail to recite the abominable crimes and bloody actions committed by these enemies not only of Commonwealths, but of all humane societies; neither can any diligence, or time of writing sufficiently aggravate the circumstances of these detestable deeds.

In many Provinces, and indeed in most Provinces where they came destructin the captivity of the chief Lord, they were still welcom’d by the Indians with Songs and Dances and great Presents of Gold; though the thanks which they gave them was always with the points of their swords, still recompensing them with Massacres.

Retrieved from ” https: Another butchery was by them committed in the City of Tepeaca, which was a much larger City then the former. And now should I reckon the Provinces which he laid desert, the Cities which he burnt, for all their houses are of straw, besides the particular slaughters which they made, though I am confident of the truth thereof, yet should I scarcely be believed, by reason that so much cruelty could not be suppos’d in man.

In these Provinces in the Bay of Coderat, there was a City, the Lord of which was called Higueroto, a name common either to the persons, or to the officers of the place. This section contains words approx. For these quiet lambs, they drew them by violence out of their houses, carrying them, together with their wives and children into Captivity, afflicting them in those horrid manners as abovesaid, and burning them with the mark of Slaves.

Having committed so many detestable slaughters upon the Indians in Mexico, and other places distant ten, fifteen and twenty miles from thence, this tyrannical plague proceeded to infest and depopulate the City of Panuco. And when certain of the Indians, who escaped this furious massacre fled into an Island distant from them about some eight miles, they were by the Governor condemned to perpetual servitude.

The Captain made answer, that he would not receive them, and that moreover he would kill them all unless they would declare whither their Lords were fled: The blindness of the chief Governors of the Indies not permitting them to discern, that no man can be called a Rebel who is not before a Subject.