Universiteto magistrantūros baigiamųjų darbų, daktaro disertacijų ir jų santraukų elektroniniai dokumentai / University master’s theses, doctoral dissertations and. daktaro disertacijos ir jų santraukos, magistro darbai, studijų baigiamieji darbai ;; mokslinių konferencijų, seminarų ar kitų renginių publikuoti pranešimai ir kt. Lietuva Trumpas aprašymas: Konteinerinių atliekų tvarkymo aikštelių įrengimo baigiamieji darbai: Publikavimo data:

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Online submission consists of 5 steps: All explanations should be in the text of the article or in a short note added to the table. Sportas,3 78 Ugdymas. Sportas,1 51 Ugdymas. Line numbering should be switched on. The research participants, methods, apparatus and procedures should be identified in sufficient detail. Your personal data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy https: Online Submission of manuscripts The manuscript with an accompanying covering letter proving that the article submitted is original and not previously published should be submitted via online Manuscript Submission System following the link: The statistical significance and statistical power of the finding should be denoted.

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Konteinerinių atliekų tvarkymo aikštelių įrengimo baigiamieji darbai:

Sportas,3 53 Ugdymas. Sportas, ,1 88 Ugdymas. Sportas,4 91 Ugdymas. Only published materials with the exception of dissertations and sources referred to in the text of the article should be included in the list of references.

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Sportas,1 Seriously – the best! The issues contain editorials, reviews of recent advances, original scientific articles, case studies. If the methods of the research used are not well known and widely recognized the reasons for the choice of a particular method should be stated. Sportas,2 89 Ugdymas.

Sportas,3 82 Ugdymas. Sportas, bwigiamieji, 4 75 Ugdymas. First the references in Latin characters are given, then — in Russian Cyrillic characters. The symbols and abbreviations given in the tables should coincide with the ones used in the text.

Sportas,2 52 Ugdymas. Sportas,4 87 Ugdymas. It should contain a clear statement of the problem of the research, the extent of its solution, darabi new arguments for its solution for theoretical papersmost important papers on the subject, the aim, the object and the original hypothesis of the study.


Retrieved from xxxxxxxxxxxx database. The findings of the study should be presented concisely, consistently and logically, not repeating the chosen methods. Enter covering letter to the Editor and response to reviewers if resubmitting.

Stojantiesiems Studentams Bendruomenei Paslaugos Karjera.

Campbell, Brady, Bradley, and Smithson found … first citation ; Campbell et al. We will come back to you as soon as we can, if your super power s match the position you applied for.

Preparation of manuscripts Article File The manuscript must be written in English. Development of technology-driven, innovative and competitive mechatronic products, focus on driving assistance systems, in the leisure and commercial vehicle technology branch. The manuscript should be submitted in two files title page file and article file.

Sportas,3 48 Ugdymas. Non-standard daebai abbreviations dadbai symbols need only to be defined at first mention. Sportas,4 Sportas,4 79 Ugdymas. Your personal data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy www.