In Alain Badiou’s new Handbook of Inaesthetics, he makes a clear argument for art to find a new schema and linkage to the event of truth. Handbook of Inaesthetics has ratings and 11 reviews. Miriam said: I’ve only read the sections on visual arts, but poetry, dance, and theater are als. Didacticism, romanticism, and classicism are the possible schemata for the knotting of art and philosophy, the third term in this knot being the education of.

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And he concludes in following that while ontology can mark out a space for an inhabitant of the constructible situation to decide upon the indiscernible, it falls to the subject — about which the ontological situation cannot comment — to nominate this indiscernible, this generic point; and thus nominate, and give name to, the undecidable event.

Only the philosopher sees in the true lover’s love the bwdiou of a truth. Or is it on the contrary, a constitutive gesture of philosophy itself, philosophy as such, which would thus manifest the letters s incompatibility with the poem? While philosophy’s several conditions are, on their own terms, “truth procedures” i. Jan 13, James rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Badiou makes repeated use of several bbadiou throughout his philosophy.

The structure of being thus secures the regime of the count-as-one. For that reason, a certain resistance belongs to such an affirmation, resistance against a pattern of reality excluding incommensurability.

Art has a therapeutic function, and not at all a revelatory or cognitive one. Jose rated it it was amazing Apr 14, This situation of being and the rupture which characterizes the event are thought in terms of set theoryand baddiou Zermelo—Fraenkel set theory with the axiom of choiceto which Badiou accords a fundamental role in a manner quite distinct from the majority of either mathematicians or philosophers.

Thus, if one is particularly interested in Badiou’s take on art, mainly poetry, then this book is an interesting and fruitful read. For Badiou, it is by positioning oneself to the truth of an event that a human animal becomes a subject ; subjectivity is not an inherent human trait.


For Mallarme, the poem is centered on the dissolution of the object from its purity. Apparently for Badiou, the most paradigmatic of all arts is poetry, and he proceeds in reading poetry almost in the manner of Deleuze’s inasthetics indirect style”, where no nadiou which poem Badiou examines, in his hands it inevitably ends up saying what Badiou says elsewhere.

A Dialogue with Alain Badiou. Views Read Edit View history. The best example of a philosophically 3. The way that Badiue make his argument is innaesthetics authors and philosophic like Parmenides and Mallarme, and different views about philosophy and poets, for example, Mallarme related the poetry with the pure present and present itself purity and the poems touch it the presence of the present.

Jay Maggio rated it it was amazing Jun 16, According to Badiou, truth procedures proceed to infinity, such that faith fidelity outstrips ineasthetics. Interrogating s French Philosophytransl.

Retrieved 20 April There is only each one of us, like a cave. The modern writer must nominate himself the spiritual thespian.

Alain Badiou, Handbook of Inaesthetics Reviewed by

Set theory mathematics has consequently ‘pragmatically abandoned’ an area which philosophy cannot. The choice that binds the subject to the truth is either solidarity with the void, or solidarity to the event. Badiou consistently maintains throughout his work but most systematically in Manifesto for Philosophy that philosophy must avoid the temptation to suture itself ‘sew itself’, that is, to hand over its entire intellectual effort to any of these independent truth procedures.

I really didn’t like this book, and it has soured me on Badiou. Notre mal vient de plus loin As is implied in the title of the book, two elements mark the thesis of Being and Event: In his writing, he offered no interpretation of his surroundings. Such statements should be clarified or removed. Continuum, Polemicstransl. Teddy rated it really liked it Jun 01, Psychoanalysis is classical, as Lacan writes, the object of desire, which is beyond symbolization, can subtractively emerge at the very peak of an act of symbolization.


Badiou reasons using these conditions that every discernible nameable or constructible set is dominated by the conditions which don’t possess the property that makes it discernible as a set. All truth is external to art. The avant-garde was didactic to a certain extent in their desire to put an end to art. His poems are diagonal, they are like a Cubist painting. We can therefore say that language as the infinite power devoted to presence is the unnamable in poetry.

History of Western Philosophy. Truthfor Badiou, is a specifically philosophical category. One does not necessarily need to refer to constructible language to conceive of a ‘set of dominations’, which he refers to as the indiscernible set, or the generic set. This is a Christian truth — that forces a situation where the master must disappear in order for truth to arise. Beautiful, written pleasurably, yet not very deep-probing. Books by Alain Badiou.

Handbook of Inaesthetics by Alain Badiou

Voidoid rated it it was amazing Apr 05, It is also necessary to have no philosophy. Truth results from the fact that place — the ordeal of absence and void — first nostalgically and then actively arouses the hadiou of a master that would be capable of truth Pg. A Short Treatise on Transitory Ontologytransl. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Affirmation means positively exploring the incommensurability of reality. Notify me of new posts via email. The journal, Inaesthetics, is unaesthetics above all to this idea or, let us inaesthteics, as ingenuously as possible to this ideal of autonomous collaboration and friendship.

Art is always already there, addressing the think w I’ve only read the sections on visual arts, but poetry, dance, and theater are also discussed. One of the aims of his thought is to show that his categories of truth are useful for any type of philosophical critique.