Folks, I came across an inspirational speech given by Mr. Azim Premji @ one of the convocation ceremony @ IIM Ahemdabad. Here is a link. Speech by Mr. Azim Premji @ IIM Convocation Ceremony. Filed under: Yogesh Hublikar @ pm. Speech by Mr. Azim Premji @ IIM. Distinguished Director and faculty of IIM- Kolkata, Guests, and my young friendsI am very Azim Premji’s speech at IIM Calcutta Convocation.

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That was the first time we tried and we came back empty handed. But I did not relent and I also did not change what I was saying about the company. I cannot think of a single transformation zpeech achievement, individual or social that did not begin with a dream. One is throw grains for them. Azim Premji exhorts management graduates to focus on ‘ordinary things’ In a motivational speech, he said that while innovations are important, ordinary things like honesty and hard work are most essential.

I n the world of today, we epeech to be caught with the notions of the extraordinary. I worked very hard and I neglected my family.

Azim Premji exhorts management graduates to focus on ‘ordinary things’

I think that privilege gives us not only a responsibility, but the way I see it an opportunity, to help those around us who face inequity, injustice and deprivation. A lot of eagles used to come to our village earlier.


I agree with you per cent because the moment you have success, your expectations from the profession goes up.

You may ask why? Too many people are so enamoured by the legacy of success in their current roles that they are afraid to look further. In the past two decades, very few high quality academic institutions have been built in India, and ISB has definitely proved itself to be amongst the leaders.

It is very unfortunate. Today as I stand here I recall a personal incident from way back pertaining to another excellent business school like this one. Once so stretched, you will realize the true extent of your potential. Blog Stats 5, hits. Ina chartered plane, carrying a Rugby team crashed in the Andes. How do you stay successful? And girls, particularly in villages, take their careers even more seriously, once their parents give them the latitude to do that.

While it is important to project what we are good at, we must be equally candid about areas we do not know enough about. Hard work and a lot of luck. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. We had just begun to diversify into manufacturing soap. Wipro was not started by me.

There is already much environmental damage. What are the changes that you would like to prmeji in the nation today? Fourth, think about what you will take azmi next rather than about what you may be letting go. I was not even given a chance to have a dialogue with the students. Find this comment offensive?


I think the satisfaction index also becomes important. But I think I contributed to expand its existing product range and to diversify. But more importantly, your expectations from yourself go up. Azim Premji says disruptive tech investments are paying off. Related Gearing up for the reel deal!

The three ordinary things that we often don’t pay enough attention to, but which I believe are the drivers of all success are: Fifth, contribute in every spedch.

Azim Premji on The Changing World | Ravi-TheSun

Let me end by wishing you all the very best, for a life and career that is fulfilling to you, and also makes this world a better place. But exceptional performance usually comes from doing what comes naturally to us. I was told that they were siblings who ;remji too little to be in school.

Many of them played a determining role in shaping Wipro.

Finally, in disgust, he bought a painting from an accomplished artist, touched it up with fresh paint and showed it to his teacher.

I was then about as old as some of you are today.

L astly, I would like to share with you two ordinary events from a different sphere.