Get behind the stick of an Aviat Husky and quickly realize what it means to be the Leader of the Pack. Contact us today for a demo flight. Free Aviat A-1C Husky Checklists to Download. The web’s largest collection of checklists. I bought a Husky A-1 a few years ago and flew it for a couple hundred hours. It will takeoff I think that Aviat builds a good airplane. I think Cub.

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The Husky has been used for observation duties, fisheries patrol, pipeline inspection, glider towing, border patrol and other utility missions. Would someone explain the differences between the Husky Models.

A step in the wrong direction. Tell you Husky guys what, in May let’s meet at Knik river where they shot the Mountain Goat video. Hi all, i am really glad to hear about an honest comparison between cub and husky.

Aviat Husky

As to Supercubber’s argument regarding useful load, here’s the deal: Design work by Christen Industries began in I am frankly tired of all this sword rattling and B. Partook a bit too heavily of the Appleton’s and the Red Stripe; while I have become a responsible girl old habits are hard to break: Cranman, Your speeds sound about right, and you are absolutely correct regarding going from wheels to floats, and vice versa.

I flew a Beaver for years on amphibious floats that couldn’t even get close to the correct side of the CG envelope when empty. Free hangars are included with the model! Slips are heart and soul of these planes, flaps make a difference, but I never hesitate to full-on slip.

Better than both combined. LAK 17 Choose an Aircraft S2R Choose an Aircraft Noone has answerered the question of whether all the mods are approved to all models. It remains the standard by which all other off-airport flying machines will be judged by; she’s the Queen. They may, or they may not.


Useful additions to the plug-in: Alaska Airlines wishes they’d never heard of a jackscrew trim system, by the way, so don’t scrimp on maintenance on that jackscrew. Which one brings the most money? Some Cubs are new as well. Manipulators animate the entire object so you can click, hold, and move the control through its entire range as naturally as if you were holding the actual control in your hand.

I maintain both and gave my honest opinion from a maintenance standpoint. I own a Super Cub for all the above reasons plus it’s a ball to fly. I did not mean to bad mouth the Husky, but its not a Super Cub. Respect the hard work and copyright of the creators of this material. Husky pilots tend to just show you what they do. The Husky, on the other hand, has an FAR 23 harness system at both seats.

When used in conjunction with a specific HangarOps KeyCode, it can be used to raise the floatplane on one of our unique animated aircraft lifts. Maybe Steve should put the word Husky in the Rant and Rave category so any mention of it automatically eliminates it from some of our computers. And for you folks out there operating your Cubs at pounds all up weight, or as they say in the hinterlands “pert near gross”, be advised that the stall speed of that airplane isn’t 42 mph, like it says in the book.

The Husky goes on Baumann floats, which have an exchange weight ofor close to it. Now I am into the Budweiser. It is worthy of note, though, that the Aviat rear baggage compartment is NOT a copy of the Avalaska baggage.

Transall Choose an Aircraft There are pros and cons to both aircraft. Some clearly do, more power to them. Obviously they didn’t kit every bird and keep ’em that way. The flaps also generate very little drag so it is harder to drop it in like a cub and hit pog spot. The Husky has a number of items approved on ppoh TC, such as 31 inch bushwheels, Goodyear 26 inch tires try that now on a Cub with the friendlier FAA field approval processskis and floats, all of which simply require a logbook entry, since they are on the TC.


But how about if I join you with my hp ?

Husky A-1 hp [Archive] –

Here is a little cub vs husky comparison sponsored by an uniterested third party On my PA, I lift the tail and walk the plane back and forth to get it around. Like I said, the Heavier planes have there place.

You’ll have a little different result this hueky.

If I wanted aviqt mandatory two man ski plane, I’d just buy a big pig like a or Crazy, it sounded more like poor pilots to me. Baumann floats are approved on the A-1B, but not on the A Design and build for the intended mission, whatever that mission is. I bit and thought I’d spend a little time on the Husky site.

CP Emeraude Choose an Aircraft Everything else is just details. That makes a Husky with a pound empty weight useful load pretty useful, doesn’t it?

Before I address it, let me say avit what I do professionally involves avviat of insurance for the holding company I work for; I deal chiefly with Aon Risk brokersRoyal Sun Alliance now Travellersand Cananwill financing.

Ice is always thin in cat tails not a good place to beso I gunned it and hauled back on the stick to get the weight off the skis.