One of the little known tools available in macOS that can save you lots of time is Automator. This app allows you to create workflows, which you. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Automator app to create a simple service that will have you resizing images in just a couple of. As I was using Photoshop to resize my eleven billionth image, it occurred but default Automator jpg compression in combination with resizing.

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One of the little known tools available in macOS that can save you lots of time is Automator. This app allows you to create workflowswhich you can use to — as its name suggests — automate certain tasks on your Mac.

Quickly compress images with Automator (Mac)

You can then run these routines in the Automator app, as services via a contextual menu, or in applets that you can save and run by double-clicking or by dragging and dropping files on them. Launch it, and you see an open dialog. To create a new Automator workflow, click New Document. Automatot most useful of these are, for most people, services and applications.

The term workflow best describes what you create within the Automator app, even if you save it as something else. If you take photos, you may want to share them to your website or to an online gallery.


i,ages If your images are not in JPEG format, you may need to export them from an image editing app, or you may need to convert them. If you do this often, you may find it easier to use your original images and convert them en masse.

This Automator workflow will allow you to do that. In the dialog you see in the first screenshot above, click Application, then click Choose. Automator shows you a library of apps and actions on the left, and an empty area on the right. This right-hand section is where you will build your workflow. Whenever you create an application, it can work by default with drag and drop.

Automator tells you that this workflow receives files and folders as input. Next, we want to find an compreas that will convert image files. Acorn is an image editor that I have on my Mac.

Some apps provide Automator actions that leverage the features of their apps. When you automxtor an action in the Automatod columns, a section at the bottom left explains what these actions do. For the Change Type of Images action, it tells you what type of images the action can receive. When you add this action, Automator will tell you that it will replace the images you use as input, and ask if you want to add a Copy Finder Items action to keep the originals.


You have five choices for the output this action generates. You should now save your workflow. Press Command-S, give it a name, and make sure you save it as an Application. It can accept JPEGs as well, but it will just convert them to the same format. Create a new document in Automator, but choose Service. At the top of the right hand pane, choose Service receives selected image files in Finder.

Next, in the Photos section of the Library column, choose Scale images.

Acorn: Automator Batch Compress JPEG Files

You can tell Automator how to scale the images: If, for example, you want to scale images to px, enter that in comptess text field. Save the workflow; press Command-S and choose a name for it. Go to the Finder and select an image file.

Select that menu item, and the service runs, scaling your image. The Mac Security Blog. Want to get the most out of your new MacBook, iMac or other Apple computer?