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General arrangements for recognition of prior learning. The ratio of final to success. Facilities for special needs students.

As a autkcad intermediate technical staff in the sector; will be able to relate collection, interpretation and announcement of the data on the architectural restoration field in the framework of ethical principles.

MMIR 107 | Course Introduction and Application Information

Courses for Erasmus Students. Type of Course Unit.

Information on the instutiation Name and Address Academic Calendar Academic Authorities General Description of the institution List of programmes offered General admission requirements General arrangements for recognition dwrs prior learning General registration procedures ECTS credit allocation Arrangements for academic guidance. Course Learning Outcomes Students who pass the course will be able to; Create fully defined engineering models Give dimensions on the 2D drawings.

References Engineering Graphics, F. List of programmes offered.

Tesisat Bilgi ve Haber Portalı | Tesisat

Learning Outcomes of The Course Unit. The ratio of the term to success. Practical information for mobile students. Ploting, Plot style manager, plot scale. Recommended or Required Reading Textbook.

The students who succeeded in this course; Will be able to use AutoCad program Will be able to make digital drawings Will be able to familiarize computer technologies Will be able to use Photoshop program Will be able to use these programs in professional dders.


Nptu Information Course Unit Title. Will be acquainted with the importance of occupational health and safety, will fulfill their requirements. Will be able to handle individual works in the architectural restoration filed.

Will be nottu to communicate with colleagues and follow the knowledge in the architectural restoration field by using English at A2 General Level of European Language Portfolio. CAD drawings programs using to make 2D drafting and designs in computer. Dimension and Dimension style settings.

AutoCAD Ders Notları

General Description of the institution. X referens, insert toolbars, OLE insert. Assessment Methods and Criteria. Will be described as a restorer who is sensitive to the protection of cultural heritage, respects professional ethics and ethical values, and has knowledge dees basic values of conservation.

Level of Course Unit. Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods.

Will be able to have knowledge about the basic technical information of the architectural restoration, methods and tools. Nptu for academic guidance. Options Display settings, printer and plotter settings. Students who pass the course will be able to; Create fully defined engineering models Give dimensions on the 2D drawings.

Recommended or Required Reading. To give an ability to draw 2D drawings in standard 2D blueprint format To provide the applications of dimensioning in 2D drawings To give an ability to create solid model of a part To give an ability to design and align given parts in an assembly To give an ability to print out and present 2D and 3D drawings. Sports and leisure facilities. Information on the instutiation Name and Address. Make block and wblock, Insert Block. Learning Outcomes of The Course Unit: Layer, Lines andColors, Layer properties and settings.


Student workload surveys utilized to determine ECTS credits. Printing and Plotting Course Aims: Introduction to computer aided technical drawing Basic drawing functions and multi-view projection Sectioning and conventions General concepts in 3D modeling Creating parts in 3D design and solid modeling Transferring 3D parts to drafting detailing Assembly modeling and assembling parts Surface modeling.

Text, DText and Mtext, Text modify commands. Hatch commands, Boundry Hatch.

Syllabus – Department of Architectural Restoration (Turkish) | İzmir University of Economics

Course Plan Introduction to Computer Aided Drawing Parametric design and basic drawing functions Principles of dimensioning Orthographic projection and multi-view drawing Creating sectional views-1 Creating sectional views-2 Three dimensional design and creating parts in 3D drafting Applying constraints and dimensioning in solid modeling Extruding, modifying and redefining, feature construction Transferring 3D parts to drafting detailing-1 Transferring 3D parts to drafting detailing-2 Fasteners Assembly modeling and autocas drawings-1 Assembly modeling and assembly drawings General information for students Cost of autocas.

Will be able to use informatics and communication technologies with computer programs in a level that required by the architectural restoration field. Will be able to transmit educational knowledge into an advanced level of education or professional practice. Layers in CAD programs 7. Weekly Detailed Course Content Autoca.

Dimensions in CAD programs 8. Information on degree programmes Short Cycle. Unavailable Recommended Optional Programme Components: Will be able to transfer basic knowledge and skills about the field to the practice, will be able to interpret and transfer comments through written and oral communication.