Follow the instructions in the CCS Manual. Using the VSS signal on a standard (manual) transmission vehicles Murphs CCS and the original Audiovox. only, and is not intended to replace the CCS Installation Manual. Manual, for those persons that choose to install the CCS cruise. Auto and car manuals and free pdf automotive manual instructions. Find the user manual Audiovox CCS Automobile Accessories User Manual. Page 1.

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The faster the sensitivity, the less the speed drops. The brake wire connection seems to be a common problem area. Should the throttle stick, pull in the clutch first then hit the kill switch. This softens the effect of higher sensitivity settings. The keypad supplied with the cruise is a normally closed switch.

The purple cruise wire connects here.

The Purple Servo wire must be connected to chassis ground for the Cruise to turn on. Test for tachometer signal: Attach the cruise control cable so that it parallels the existing throttle cable as nearly as possible.

When the drive shaft rotates, the magnets attached to it move by the speed sensor coil. Turn on the cruise and look into the servo housing where the wiring harness is installed.


Audiovox CCS-100 Installation Manual

While travelling 35 M. You can always shut the cruise off by turning the cruise off at the control keypad.

Locate your vehicle by make, model, and engine size in the included Reference Manual in order to identify the location of the VSS and Tach connection locations. Installation Tips Cruise Control Keypad: Motorcycles normally use the ports on the carburetors or throttle bodies used for synchronization.


Enter text auciovox picture: Locate the fused wire with switch connector included in the kit, and load the Brown, Green, and Yellow wires from the main harness into the 4 pin switch connector.

Figure 1 Carefully cut-out along dotted lines and place on selected area.

Most installations use beads of bead chain Part 20in the original CCS instruction manual between the Bead chain eyelet or Throttle wire loop. We strongly suggest you not use the headlight circuit for safety reasons. Not all SPDT relays are the same. If not, see the troubleshooting section below: In any case, you will need the original CCS instructions for reference.

Audiovox CCS-100 Automobile Accessories User Manual

If your make and model cannot be located, then the Magnet Kit must be installed. The port marked AUX is connected adiovox the vacuum port on the cruise servo.


Use the Rostra Electronic Cruise if you live at high altitudes. The Rostra needs both signals to vcs-100. Usually but not always you want to route the cruise servo cable to follow the motorcycles original throttle opening cable. When you press on either brake the Red LED inside the servo should be continuously lit. After you have everything hooked up, verify proper operation of the Servo by removing the plate on the Servo housing where the wiring harness is installed.

The problem is with the installation or the installer. The cruise does not have to be on for the throttle to stick. Be sure to load the wires according to the color coded label on the connector, and press the terminals in fully until a click is heard.

The purple wire from the cruise control servo must be connected to the positive side of your brake switch.