Order AudioQuest Rocket 88 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable – Factory Terminated, From Only £ Lifetime Warranty, NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Audioquest Rocket 88 Speaker Cables. Top of the Rocket series, Rocket 88 offers a combination of power and finesse. DBS enabled with AudioQuest’s best. FREE 2-day Shipping: Let your speakers sing! AudioQuests Rocket 88 speaker cables are designed to help high-performance audio systems sound.

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Christiaan Punter Owner of Hifi-Advice. Lastly timbre was spot on: Rocket 88 The Audiooquest 88 is the top level cable it its series. This cable simply sounds perfect in pitch and tempo: When insulation is unbiased, it slows down different parts of the signal differently, a problem for time sensitive multi-octave audio.

We are not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. A test button and LED allow for the occasional battery check. Note that I reviewed two versions Ricable, one smoother and the other more precise.

Most of them are more expensive than the AudioQuest. A small battery pack attached to the cable produces a constant volt charge, which maintains optimum bias level, giving you clear, expressive sound from your system every time you turn it on. To my surprise it also sounded very good right from the start. Piano and percussive instruments sound ever so lifelike, and very LIVE.

The Devialet is more refined and airy for sure and it has excellent bass, but the Accuphase was simply fuller and more sonorous in that area, and the Rocket 88 seemed to give me the best of both worlds. Despatched In 3 – 4 days. Roosendaal, The Netherlands Audioquesf The reason the Rocket 88 sounded darker and drier is because it is terminated with gold. Does that sound like Ricable? However, even when those variables are kept in a reasonable balance, the relationship between conductors can be varied in ways that greatly affect the audilquest.


The vdH however has more open treble and sounds more fluid and airy, and has lighter, less solid bass. Castle Rock is the entry level cable in its series. AudioQuest’s active Dielectric-Bias System DBS creates a strong, stable electrostatic field which saturates and polarizes the molecules of the insulation. Stay In The Know. Hi Christiaan, Thanks for your elaborate insight in the Audioquest cables. Like the Rocket 88, the Castle Rock provides rock-solid, deep and powerful bass.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The end result is the same: Skyline Hybrid is a different price category and has a completely different sound.

Thanks for your advice. These days it seems that many audio companies are improving their products toward a common goal: Thanks for your elaborate insight in the Audioquest cables. The four different SST-determined conductor sizes used in Rocket 88 cables allow an exceptionally clear, clean and dynamic sound.

Sound appears from a surprisingly black background with unexpected detail and dynamic contrast.

Used Audioquest Rocket 88 Speaker cables for Sale |

No intermediary performance-degrading materials such as nickel or rcket are used. I imagine that the cable would work very well when combined with many English speaker brands that have a warm, smooth midrange. A pair of speaker cables with pre-attached banana plugs Conductors: Both cables sound quite transparent to me despite the obvious tonal differences.

  ASTM D1177 PDF

The Go-4 is the more audiophile choice with more natural timbre, sharper transients, more articulate bass and better focusing. The DBS battery packs will last for years.

Some of our web prices are cheaper than in-store. Showroom Hours Monday – Friday: Dank voor deze review! I think I can safely summarise the current AudioQuest house sound, for loudspeaker cables at least, as being solid, natural and powerful, with a full tonality and a refreshing lack of treble brightness.

AudioQuest GO4, Rocket 88 & Castle Rock Speaker Cables

In other words, there are also cables that are highly detailed but without being hard in the midrange. Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice.

Terminated Speaker Cable 3 Metre Pair. Textile braid jacket Length: The GO-4 uses solid core conductors, and true to earlier experiences, this translates into a solid, upbeat bass and a lifelike midrange. Amplifier used was a Devialetwhich is handy because it is a streaming endpoint, DAC, preamp and power amp all in one.


Whether the Ricable is the better cable for you I cannot say for certain, but it is indeed gentler, and you may well find it to be more musical indeed. The relationship between conductors defines a cable’s most basic electrical values capacitance and inductance. AudioQuest’s Rocket 88 speaker cables are designed to help high-performance audio systems sound their very best.

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