Attaining Your Desires – Genevieve Behrend. Book Contents. Text size: A; A; A; A. Attaining Your Desires is considered to be one of the clearest, most. Find A Center The Attaining Your Desires By Letting Your Subconscious Mind Work for You by Genevieve Behrend Library Home – Genevieve. Attaining Your Desires by Genevieve Behrend explores the life and works of Thomas Troward. The bulk of the work takes the form of a dialogue.

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God has surely blessed you with one of the greatest minds of the present generation.

Attaining Your Desires – Genevieve Behrend

Is the will intelligent? Because you are here for that purpose. Your thought action is the specialized, identical action of the Universal Mind. That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.

If you understand this, you will have some idea of what the originating Spirit of Life is in Itself, and your relation to It as an individual. The similarity of the life of this Athenian philosopher to that of Troward is that gejevieve relied chiefly upon intuition and common sense for their theory and system of living.

Thomas Troward Six-Book Collection annotated: When fear comes to assail you, close the door of your mind against it with this positive thought: They are not advertisements.

It means failure, because you have no thought- power to give the unformed energy of life berend particular thought- material necessary to produce desired dwsires. Some of them are New Thought News resources that will enable you to get better information about New Thought programs around the globe. One meaning of the Masonic symbol of the five pointed star is that everything returns to its starting point.

The thing to guard against is the acquiring of material possessions as your ultimate aim. New Thought – Ancient Wisdom can be taught around the world using books from this library. Would simply dwelling on this thought solve any situation which might arise: Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Adverse circumstances are overcome by reversing the originating cause, which is your own thought. When I knew him, he had a drooping mustache sprinkled with grey.

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Fie asked his teacher to think with him along the lines j ust discussed-that the I ntelligence of the universe was taking specific form in his individual intelligence. The business of the will is always the same, that of keeping your mental faculties where they will do the work you intend them to do.

These pages, the outpouring of a full heart, I lay reverently upon the memory alter of a man who was sage and saint, teacher and guide, and my dearly beloved friend, Judge T. Absolute mental thought control is the one and only thing which is necessary for you to do, to be, or to have what you want.

Attaining Your Desires

It is through your contributions that we are able to maintain the library, pay for the servers and process more genevvieve for your journey. He loved to study the tomes of sacred I ndian lore, or the scriptures of the Hebrews and of other ancient peoples.

Life’s purpose is to give expression to Its joy, beauty, and power, through Its particular instrument, my thought. I visualized myself paying my obligation, and in some way, which is still a mystery, I was able to feel quite calm about it.

Am I to regard my mind as a branch of the Universal Mind from which I draw all my substance? With a properly trained will, you can pick up a thought at choice, hold it until it has finished its work, let tenevieve gm again, and then pick up another thought, repeating the process again and again if you choose. If I were to compel myself to practice on the piano at a certain time every day, would that develop and strengthen my will?

I thought that trying was to be my main endeavor, even though it was difficult? Dewires only method by which you can study the development of your will is by self- analysis and introspection, so, when you have finished your practice, ask yourself such questions as these: There is no limit to the creative power of your subjective mind once you have impressed it with your intention. There seems nothing to be done.


Atttaining the joyous life does not express itself through the exact channels which you expect, know that it will do so through others. The epochal keynote of the present generation is that mind is the kingdom in which man reigns supreme.

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Attaining Your Desires by Geneviève Behrend

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Xttaining will respond to your call as a child would obey when bidden to come and play. Don’t trouble about theology, but try to realize the Universal Divine Spirit as perpetually flowing file: Pure spirit is pure life, and naturally, the only thing it could desire is to manifest more and more life, without reference to the forms through which the manifestation takes place.

To gain in understanding, it is necessary to be persistent in impression your subconscious mind with the fact of its relationship to the unlimited whole. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Is it true that my thoughts and feelings are the same as those of the limitless Power and Intelligence of the universe?

Attaining Your Desires | FREE

You are expressing a very high degree of intelligence in desiring to understand the laws of Life. Both, because of the lack of any real life in them, and because the energy of the will which supports them is withdrawn.

attainingg By using your intelligence and resting upon it to guide you Godward, you will come to recognize that you are as much a part of the very highest I ntelligence as a drop of water in a part of the ocean.