Latin Name: Atta sexdens. Trivialname: Leafcutterant. Taxonomy: Subfamily: Myrmicinae Tribe: Attini. Keeping Level: (3) through their large Space- and. Atta sexdens, along with A. cephalotes, is the most widespread member of its genus. Its northern most range is Mexico, and extends through Central America. Atta sexdens: leafcutter ant: cubic feet), a colony of A. sexdens leafcutters may turn over kg ( pounds) of soil in tropical moist forests, stimulating.

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Sexsens are used to dispose used fungal culture and dead ants. The queen retains the sperm in a special organ for the rest of her life.

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They are the only source of nutrition for the sexdebs, apart from the trophic eggs laid by the queen when the colony is young. The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support. All waste in the nest, including infrabuccal pellets, spent substrate from the gardens, and dead ants are carried in the waste chambers to avoid contamination.

Some researchers separate seven castes, while others dismiss the idea of caste altogether. A six-year old colony has expanded to more than chambers, of which contain the fungus crop. Unfertilized eggs will turn out to be males, which are strictly used for mating and are short-lived. Sexdene of Leaf-cutting Ants.

Atta sexdens – AntWiki

Thorax length 5, 4 mm. The farms contain the fungal culture which sustains the colony and hosts larvae and pupae.

By this time, the original colony has likely sent out several mating flights’ worth of queens to populate other areas and propagate their genes. Journey to the Ants.


Leaves and other soft plant material brought into the nest by the sexedns is chewed into a pulp and fertilized with faeces. In that time, the colony will have sent out numerous males and virgin queens to found new colonies. Nests of two Atta leafcutting ant sexdes, Atta vollenweideri and Atta sexdens rubropilosaoccur in different soil types, alfisols and oxisols. Journey to the Ants. Stipes slender and pointed, as long as the associate volume, apical membrane with a narrow hairy.

Occipital zaehne short side vertex sedxens weak swelling or TuberkeI. After suitable amounts of these workers have been born, the queen produces forager-excavators and within-nest specialists.

Their societies are among the most complex found in social insects. To cite this page: Collected most commonly using these methods: Atta sexdens is a considered a serious pest throughout its range, causing damage to a wide variety of agricultural crops and ornamentals Cherrett, Another sexdwns feature is a relatively large, two-lobed head. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The results showed that the distance traveled by the leaf cutting ant, Atta sexdens rubropilosain the search of food was greater than the distance traveled to return with the substrate to the colony.

Neotropical living in the southern part of the New World.

Referring to a mating system in which a female mates with several males during one breeding season compare polygynous. Petiole and blunt postpetiole side with teeth or cusps. Atta sexdensalong with A. The waste chambers are larger than the human head and located at the rim of the colony.

Long hair on the head and gaster, shorter thorax, scattered pubescence. Workers vary in shape, color, sculpture and pubescence Borgmeier, Head width 5 mm, length without mandibles, 4, 2 mm. Herzfoermig head, posterior margin strongly bulged.


From late October to srxdens, the A. The colony often forms the centerpiece of a large jungle clearing. The next batches of eggs are the specialists and forager-excavators, to help expand atts colony and find more material for the fungus to grow on. In insects, “incomplete metamorphosis” is when young animals are similar to adults and change gradually into the adult form, and “complete metamorphosis” is when there is a profound change between larval and adult forms.

Soldiers usually appear when the colony has a population of aboutMembers of different colonies are not spared if they happen to wander into a colony that isn’t their own.

On the other hand, the mean time and velocity were similar for food search and return to the colony. Atta sexdens divides its colony members into four major castes, each differentiated by a range of head widths.

Atta sexdens

No known predator, except the mostly subterranean army ant Nomamyrmex esenbeckiiactively attacks the nests, and even other highly aggressive army ants show a healthy respect for an A.

Atta ants also can communicate by using a file-and-scraper mechanism that produces sound both in the air and through the ground. Body dull, densely finely punctate, forehead wrinkled in the middle of something. Before the nuptial flightyoung queens visit the colony’s fungal gardens and place a small piece of fungal mycelium in their infrabuccal cavities.