Atlit Yam is one of the best preserved submerged prehistoric settlements in the world. It was discovered and studied during the s and. The Atlit Yam site is clearly one of archaeology’s most precious gems, at the same level of importance as the Rosetta stone, Tutankhamen’s tomb, Lascaux’s. Thousands of years ago, Atlit Yam was once a thriving society. Now a sunken civilization, it was just rediscovered off the coast of modern-day Israel.

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Full Cast and Crew. In the 21st century, it lies between m ft beneath sea level in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Bay of Atlit, at the mouth of the Oren river on the Carmel coast. Nir, “The submerged pre-pottery Neolithic water well at Atlit-Yam, northern Israel, and its palaeoenvironmental implications”, The Holocene 3, One of the greatest archaeological mysteries of Atlit Yam is how it came to be submerged, a question that has led to heated debated in academic circles.

Sea- level rise forced the inhabitants of this Pre-Pottery Neolithic village to abandon the settlement and relocate for multiple times to higher grounds. In fact, Atlit Yam was not that much different from any other Neolithic civilization.

Atlit Yam, a journey into Israel’s sunken past

What he uncovered is still being studied to this day. The Sexiest Temples in India. Reconstruction drawing of the stone structure found at Atlit Yam. Galili, discoveries within the site are still being made. This allowed experts to learn a great deal about what life was like back then.

Edit Cast Cast overview: Ehud GaliliIsrael Hershkovitz. Inmarine archaeologist Ehud Galili spotted ancient remains whilst surveying the area for shipwrecks. To find out more about cookie settings When you use our site, data is likely to be recorded or read from your terminal, depending on your settings. Pythia, The Oracle of Delphi.


Rediscovering a Centuries-Old Paradise. Do you authorize the installation and reading cookies to analyze your browsing activity and allow us to measure the audience of our site: The skeletons of a woman and child, found inhave revealed the earliest known cases of tuberculosis in the world.

An Italian study led by Maria Pareschi of the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Pisa indicates that a volcanic collapse of the Eastern flank of Mount Etna 8, years ago would likely have caused a 40 metre high tsunami to engulf some Mediterranean coastal cities within hours. We’ve seen the effects of it when one hit just 2 years ago.

Another installation consists of three oval stones 1. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. The Mystery of Atlit-Yam 52′.

It was here that humans invented farming, irrigation, glass, and even the wheel. Do not Underestimate the Etruscans: She is an investigator of Nazi looted art, the restitution of national treasures, the global illegal antiquities trade, looting, cultural heritage management, heritage education and cultural property protection.

Atlit-Yam provides the earliest known evidence for an agro-pastoral-marine subsistence system on the Levantine coast.

Le Mystère Atlit Yam (TV Movie ) – IMDb

How old is the Tarot? Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The stones have cup marks carved into them and are arranged around a freshwater spring, which suggests aglit they may have been used for a water ritual. The lithics include arrowheadssickle-blades and axes. An Exotic Bloodline or Random Mutation?

The 9,000-year-old underground megalithic settlement of Atlit Yam

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Art and Culture of their Own. A wealth of material culture has been uncovered which gives us insight in how people had to cope atlitt a radically changing world and where new technologies were introduced. Her research is at the interface where archaeology, religious studies, history, cultural heritage, and living culture meet. The prehistoric settlement, which dates back to the 7 th millennium BC, has been so well preserved by the sandy seabed that a mysterious stone circle still stands as it was first erected, and dozens of human skeletons lay undisturbed in their graves.


As playing cards, we can confidently map the Tarot to the early 15th century. Some Predictions for I agree with the disagreement Various measures have been taken to counter the negative effects, with some providing better results than yaam. Uncovering these stories could offer some clues about what our own future holds too.

Stone circles, lines and tombs near the Monastery of Saint Moses the Abyssinian. But, hidden beneath the water, there is also an entire world, which has been overtaken by nature, silently existing next to the observable land sites, that wants to tell us the story of prehistoric Israel. To find out more about cookie settings. Desertification is a serious problem facing numerous countries in the world today.

Materialien zur Denkmlapflege im Rheinland 11, Bonn Habelt. Studies indicate that many coastal settlements around the world will be partially submerged by if nothing is done. The human skull that challenges the Out of Africa theory. Experts knew this much, though: The skeletons of a woman and child, found inyqm revealed the earliest known cases of tuberculosis.