wie die Objekte zu bilden sind, ist im ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog (ATKIS-OK) Topographisch-Kartographischen Informationssystems (ATKIS®) und basiert. Comparison of two aggregation methods (ATKIS): a input dataset der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog: ). Teil D ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog (ATKIS-OK). Landesvermessungsamt Nordrhein -Westfalen, Bonn () 3. Bishr, Y.A.: Semantic Aspects of Interoperable GIS.

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The aim of atks was to compare the thematic range of Polish TBD with selected European topographic databases of similar level of detail and secondly, to optimize TBD’s range of contents. Digital road maps that are navigable and contain detailed traffic-specific information like the lane curvature or the lane width ADV, help to improve the objetkartenkatalog and reliability of many intelligent navigation systems and become increasingly popular and useful for road safety applications.

Comparison of the thematic range of topographic databases from selected Atkus countries with Polish TBD. The two most important components of spatial data quality for road safety-related applications, such as ghost driver detection, are geometric absolute and relative accuracy and completeness of attributes HERE, and Neis et al.

Spatial neighbourhood and intersections with administration-areas are used to create this code. The folkloristic interpreted change of meaning, elucidated by A.

[75] – Digitales Landschaftsmodell

The actual objektarten,atalog of ATKIS data does not allow to differentiate such separate parts from another locality with the same name. The use of bounding boxes, i. These software tools are objeektartenkatalog gazetteer-services. Taking advantage of the above described criteria, the absolute and relative positional accuracy of digital road network data to be investigated in this work can be calculated efficiently. In the framework of the coastal-gazetteer some of these toponyms could be collected and made available.

Possible usage of data available in official databases and registers should also be examined. Here the proposed approach for the quality evaluation of relative accuracy combines two different criteria, namely the difference of orientation changes: This project covers the development of a robust D GNSS-based real-time algorithm for recording accurate vehicle trajectory data and various types of map matching algorithms for estimating continuous and reliable vehicle location on the identified road segment.


It objektartenkagalog also aimed to capture the field names in the Low German manner of speaking. A polder, built in the 17th century, existed with its name not before Finally the assessment results and the main conclusion are discussed.

A special challenge to the gazetteer service was the fast-changing geomorphology of the coastal area. The investigated map data products have achieved a higher level objektagtenkatalog accuracy than specified in literature: Beyond that, the gazetteer-service objektartenlatalog be made available as an independent service. Furthermore the inclusion of water names as well as dwelling mounds and other is prepared in the test area of the Hallig-Wadden Sea.

Digitales Basis-Landschaftsmodell (Basis-DLM)

Polders have a clear boundary drawn by dykes. Names of settlements, administration areas and water names are abstracted and geometrically simplified. Erlauterungen zu allen Objektxrtenkatalog. Also, names from sailing instructions or from maps created before the 19th century could not objektartenkaralog determined by coordinates satisfactory. Furthermore, the completeness of attributes which provide essential information for routing applications and road safety, such as the direction of traffic flow and the number of lanes, should be considered HERE, and TomTom, For searching and calculating the temporal validity, a numeric definition is essential, but this could not be realized with only one term.

A framework of settlement- and marine water names is provided for the whole area.

For the Dithmarscher Wadden Sea the extensive collection by Falkson [16] can be used. World-wide information collections develop and search engines provide a lot of this information.

Valstybine geodezijos ir kartografijos tarnyba prie Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausybes, Vilnius. Digital gazetteers are also well known by their use in route planning software, in which they form the database beside the route listings. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

The location and dimension of the objects are updated with the help of the bathymetric information of actual nautical charts see next chapter. RELATED WORK Digital road maps that are navigable and contain detailed traffic-specific information like the lane curvature or the lane width ADV, help to improve the performance and reliability of many intelligent navigation systems and become increasingly popular and useful for road safety applications.

Buckland Application of geographical objetartenkatalog standards to named time periods. To create a unique identification code for settlements with homonyms, the data are reworked with a GIS. Names and their spatial allocations are harmonized to and completed by other sources.


With the exponential growth of knowledge and information since the middle of the 19th century, the interest in such encyclopaedic knowledge collections, which lost their completeness and actuality after short time, reduced. In the marine area the digital landscape model 1: Rapport annuel The sources contain information about the type of names – alternative names, former names and partially Frisian names – and for objeltartenkatalog building history of the polders including the date objektartenkatalig construction.

The article describes also the encountered problems and the evaluation including some field research. Goodchild and Hunter developed a simple probabilistic method objektartemkatalog estimate objetkartenkatalog positional accuracy for geospatial line elements in applying a buffer polygon of a defined width along the reference track.

In the hinterland, therefore, only a coarse net of settlement names and administrative units are generated. The final coordinates of the kinematic GNSS tracks in the Universal Transverse Mercator UTM system with accuracies better than 10 cm were computed by a specialized GNSS baseline processing software, named Wa2 Wa2,which provides a reliable and precise offline solution as well as a detailed output protocol.

For some polders, the date of the collapse is even well-known.

Atkis-basis-dlm — Web Map Service – Datasets – European Data Portal

Thus, from Nickelshaage Schmidt-Petersen, [25] it became Nickelsjage. With the rapid development of digital road maps objektartenjatalog the years, current quality-assured digital road map data can be provided with required accuracy and level of details. The gathering of the field names for recent existing polders at the west coast was promptly accomplished due to the good data source situation.

On the Deutsche Grundkarte the German base map of Olandwhich is used as basis for the name collection, only objektargenkatalog field names are contained: