ASTM D/DM Standard Test Method for Chipping Resistance of Coatings. standard by ASTM International, 06/15/ View all product details. ASTM D Standard Test Method for Chipping Resistance of Coatings. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM D at Engineering

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Inspection Validating the specifications, value and safety of your raw materials, products and assets. Send us a request Wilton UK: NOTE 10—Uniform pressure can be applied by using a pencil eraser or tongue depressor. A aatm test requires the operator to shut off the machine after the desired amount of time has passed. Since resistance to chipping decreases at lower temperatures partly as the result of decreased flexibility, the test may be more directly related to d310 conditions by performing it at a low temperature.

This test method is designed to produce a controlled amount of impact by the media on the coated panel in order to enhance reproducibility. Visual Comparison Procedure A point of failure notation may also be included in the rating if a more descriptive statement is wstm.

The test sample is mounted in the back of the Gravelometer, and air pressure is used to project 1 pint approximately pieces of gravel at the sample. Due to copyright restrictions, we are not able to provide copies of standards.

NOTE 14—Cohesional failures are failures within a coating.

NOTE 13—Other rating methods may be employed as agreed upon by contractual parties. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. Your comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM Headquarters.


The American Society for Testing and Materials takes no position respecting the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any item mentioned in this standard. Enabling you to identify and mitigate the intrinsic risk in your operations, supply chains and ashm processes.

Other air pressures can be used as agreed upon by the contractual parties. The English units given in parentheses are for information only. Chipping Ratings consist of one or more letter-number combinations.

Users of this standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are sstm their own responsibility.

Chip Resistance ASTM D3170

The appearance of the tested sample is then compared to standard transparencies supplied by SAE to determine the chipping ratings. The primary usage of this test is to simulate the effects of the impact of axtm or other debris on automotive parts. Send us a request Need help or have a question? Apply uniform pressure to ensure that the tape is? Summary of Test Method 3.

Test panels of by mm 4 by 12 in. If you feel that your comments have atsm received a fair hearing you should make your views known to the ASTM Committee on Standards, at the address shown below. Your comments will receive careful consideration at dd3170 meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend.

The letter designates the chip sizes being counted, and the number designates the number of chips of that size. Auditing Consulting Sourcing Training. There should not be any air bubbles trapped beneath the tape.


Certification Formally confirming that your products and services meet all trusted external and internal standards. The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other.

Chip Rating Systems 8. These standards depict various degrees of chipping severity and are arranged sequentially from best to worst according to chipping frequency.

It is the judgement of those familiar with this test method that the following precision statements are representative: The number-letter combinations are arranged with the most numerous size? asmt

ASTM D / DM – 14 Standard Test Method for Chipping Resistance of Coatings

Need help or have a question? Clamp to close the specimen holder.

Tape is then applied to the entire tested surface. Through our network of over 43, people in 1, laboratories and offices axtm countries, Intertek provides quality and safety solutions to a wide range of industries around the world.

In formulating a coating or coating system to meet service requirements, the resistance to chipping damage by flying objects such as gravel is one of the properties of importance since it can vary considerably as other properties are adjusted. Other media may be used as agreed by contractual aetm.

Assurance Enabling you to identify and mitigate the intrinsic risk in your operations, supply chains and business processes.