Buy ASME NQA Quality Assurance Requirements For Nuclear Facility Applications from SAI Global. ASME NQA-1– (Revision of ASME NQA-1–). Quality. Assurance. Requirements for. Nuclear Facility. Applications. AN AMERICAN NATIONAL. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) NQA (95 addenda) and editions. The requirements of these documents shall be complied with .

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Other methods may be equally suitable. The requirements for any given item shall incorporate restrictions on particulate contaminants, organic contaminants, water-soluble contaminants, and water content as appropriate for the item. Acceptance Criteria for Manufactured Handling Equipment. The assignment of a cleanness classification shall consider axme following: Measuring and test equipment shall be traceable to its application and use.

Repaired items shall be reexamined in accordance with applicable procedures and with the original acceptance criteria unless the disposition has established alternate acceptance criteria.

NQA-1 Compliance for Nuclear Power Generation

For those computer programs used for operational control, computer program test procedures shall provide for demonstrating required performance over the range of operation of the controlled function or 2008. Completion of corrective actions shall be verified.

The reviewing organization shall have access to pertinent background data or information upon which to base their approval. State the purpose of the inquiry, which would be either to obtain an interpretation of the Standard or to propose consideration of a revision to the present Standard.

The evaluation shall include facility configurations that occur during operation, maintenance, test, surveillance, and inspection activities. It also provides examples of methods for implementing the requirements of Parts I and II.


Any person who has not performed inspection or testing activities in the qualified area for a period of 1 year shall be reevaluated. The goal of NQA-1 Certification is to promote consistent application and understanding of the requirements of the NQA-1 Standard throughout the supply chain. Further processing, delivery, installation, or use of a nonconforming item shall be controlled pending the evaluation and an approved disposition by authorized personnel.

The activity shall be described to a level of detail commensurate with the complexity of the activity and the need to assure consistent and acceptable results. Both inspection and process monitoring shall be provided when control is inadequate without both.

Identification and Control of Items. Users of a code or standard are expressly advised that nqqa-1 of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, is entirely their own responsibility.

If during this evaluation or at any other time, it is determined by the responsible organization that the capabilities of an individual are not in accordance with the qualification requirements specified for the asmee, that person shall be removed from that activity until such time as the required capability has been demonstrated. Send Us a Request!

In those cases, the unverified portion of the design shall be identified and controlled. If such indications are observed at the anticipated end of a cleaning operation, continued cleaning shall be performed to reduce the level to the specified limit.


Quality — Columbia Energy and Environmental Services

The prospective Lead Auditor shall be capable of communicating effectively, both assme writing and orally. Computer program testing shall be performed and shall be in accordance with Requirement Requirements for organic fluids used for flushing are dependent upon the particular item being flushed.

This documentation may be combined with the documentation of the software design requirements, or the computer program listings resulting from implementation of the software design.

Design verification shall be performed by any competent individual s or group s other than those who performed the original design but who may be from the same organization.

The designee shall be responsible for organizing and implementing receipt controls for permanent and temporary storage. The word should denotes guidance; the word shall denotes a requirement.

Source verification shall be implemented in accordance with plans to perform inspections, examinations, or tests at predetermined points.

Summary Table for Cleanness Classes.

Definitions generic to quality assurance activities are included in Part I, Introduction, sectionTerms and Definitions. Section of Requirement 7, Commercial Grade Items and Services, contains criteria applicable to 10 CFR Part 50 for nuclear power plants but provides sufficient quality criteria for the facilities identified in Part 1, Introduction, sectionApplicability.

State what it is believed that the Standard requires.