Manlifts covered by this scope consist of steps (platforms) and accompanying handholds mounted on, or attached to, an endless belt operating vertically in one . Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. ~^k * * ASME A (), Safety Standard for Belt Manlifts as incorporated and mandated by the States and Municipalities, including the Minnesota.

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Bursiek, Vice Chair j. Observe manlift in operation for visible defects This space shall not be encroached upon by stairs or ladders see Fig. Page 1 2 13, 14 17 18 20 Location 1. No step shall be provided unless adme is a corresponding handhold above and below it meeting the requirements of para.

The material shall be laminated belt- ing, solid-woven PVC belting, or other belting meeting the strength requirements of para. A side landing area is not required at the bottom landing. Favro, Humphrey Maniift Co.

Full text of “ASME A (): Safety Standard for Belt Manlifts”

It is recommended that this potential problem be reviewed with the belt supplier prior to installation. Approved a901 will be published periodically. All elevator bolts used for join- ing the belt or securing handholds or steps to the belt shall be installed and maintained so that the heads do not project beyond the inner surface of the belt see Table 4.


Each safety stop shall be tested individu- ally. Steps or platforms shall be not less than 12 in. No ladder passage through a floor or platform is required.

A time delay switch may be required as part of an electronic device installation to permit passage of asne steps. The overlap of the belt at the splice shall be not less than 3 ft 0.

Corners of gates shall be rounded. Search the history z90.1 over billion web pages on the Internet. Head shaft, couplings, collars, and keys Vibration or misalignment in drive Be ready to pull rope in case of a misstep.

The handhold shall be capable of withstanding, without damage, a load of lb kg mass applied parallel to the run of the belt and attached to the belt with elevator bolts.

ASME A90.1 (2003): Safety Standard for Belt Manlifts

Head-pulley lagging shall be changed in conjunction with belt replacement. After the manlift has been stopped by an automatic 9a0.1 stop, it shall be necessary to reset the electrical control circuit manually. Safety switches on movable hoods The breaking strength of the manlift belt shall be not less than 30, lb N minimum tensile strength for belts with ft 30 m of travel or less; 44, lb N minimum tensile strength for belts with to ft 31 to 46 m of travel; and.

Skipping when mounting step check drive train The SI units have been directly softly converted from the Customary units. Top pulley and lagging If located in buildings to which the public has access, manlifts shall be located in an enclosure protected by self-closing, spring-locked doors.


The guide rails shall not be displaced and there shall be no visible deformation, deflection, or misalignment of the step or its support during the test.

Basnight, International Paper C.

Top and bottom floor warning signs and lights ssme The distance between steps shall be equally spaced and not less than 16 ft 4.

Persons wishing to attend any meeting should contact the Secretary of the A90 Standards Committee.

ASME A90.1: Safety Standard for Belt Manlifts

Adequate lighting, not less than 5 fc 54 lxshall be provided at each floor landing at all times when the lift is in operation. Barnes, Alternate, Barnesco, inc. When a pit is used or a dismounting platform is provided, the dismounting level shall be at or above the point at which the upper surface of the descending step is in the hori- zontal position and the step has not contacted the bottom safety stops prior to beginning its turn.

Guardrails and gate operation One of these devices shall activate while the step is still in the horizontal position. Follow manlift manufacturer’s recommended bolt pattern. The instructions shall read approxi- mately as follows: