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Operations Manual, Section 4, STEP , Applicants shall submit the following documentation to. AHRI: •. Coil physical data per ASHRAE 33 (refer to Section );. ASHRAE Methods Of Testing Forced Circulation Air Cooling And Air Heating Coils. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to. ANSI/ASHRAE Standard (Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE Standard ) Methods of Testing Forced-Circulation Air-Cooling and Air-Heating Coils.

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This method of test is used in conjunction with the 3. Solution Flow Measurement 7. Adjacent to the pressure tap ahead of the liquid control 7. Heat leakage shall be measured or calculated and correction of the coil capacity shall be made accordingly.

Single-phase liquid absolute pressure entering the coil pressure measurement pipe, kPa [psi] c. An oil separator located in the compressor discharge line with provision for returning oil to the crankcase, either manually or automatically.

For units with small The additional static pressure drop shall be the sum of all connection sizes, it is feasible that straight pipe sections be losses between the unit connections and the location of static directly connected to the units with adequate length to obtain pressure taps. These provisions shall take into consideration the orientation of pressure taps and manifold connections.

Those recorded during the period of the test. In multi-feed coils the number of upstream taps is not present. Determine wr from the flowmeter cali- liquid temperature tr0 entering the refrigerant liquid control bration chart supplied by the flowmeter manufacturer.

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Suitable trapped Informative Note: Pitot tube mm [18 in. The liquid lines shall be insulated at and adjacent to the temperature measuring instruments. The air then leaves the coil under test and enters an insulated mixing chamber where it passes through a mixing device. It is merely 3. This is to minimize the possi- perature measuring ashfae so that its reading will not be bilities of temperature difference reading errors.

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If necessary, superheating shall be accomplished by any suitable heating means or by throttling. Here and throughout this document the use of [ ] signifies items evaluated in I-P units.

The piping loss shall be determined by calibration of the measurement apparatus. It shall be calibrated in accordance with ant control device. After proceeding through another set of diffusion baffles, when required, the air enters the airflow measuring nozzles and discharges into the discharge chamber. Connect the pipes to a single-phase liquid flow source. When sampling tubes are used, it is not necessary to restrict the intake chamber cross-sectional area. With continued use, wicks become encrusted with impurities that interfere with proper action; therefore, wicks shall be frequently cleaned and replaced.

Connect the pipes to a c. The lubricant circulation rate on the sample basis shall be verified for the laboratory test stand for each type of refrigerant prior to the commissioning of the test stand.

The pressure drop in the test measurement apparatus, including any pipe between the coil and the measuring devices, at the test flow shall be calculated and subtracted from the measurement.

In dehumidifying coil tests, the manifold con- to not more than 2. The uniformity of the velocity of the air entering the coil shall be initially determined by a pitot tube traverse made on the first test run only to prove asurae the setup, as described in Normative Annex C. Flexible hose is prohibited between the unit ashrea and the pressure taps. An example table for Schedule 40 Stainless Steel when the Darcy friction factor is used for straight 33-200 sec- Piping can be found in Table B2.

Psaverage air humidity ratio Wmand average air drybulb temperature tmdb. Single-phase liquid absolute pressure entering the coil upstream of pressure taps, mm [in.

Leaving air wet-bulb temperatures are not required for heating coils. Describe and specify laboratory test methods and procedures. Crane Technical Paper No. The depth of a coil is the ahrae of rows of tubes or the dimension in the direction of airflow. ASHRAE obtains consensus through participation of its national and international members, associated societies, and public review.


The coupling shall have the same nominal pipe size as the pressure measurement pipes. If necessary, the intake chamber shall contain diffusion baffles to ensure uniform air velocity over the face of the coil and uniform temperature as required in Section 9. The superheat of the refrigerant vapor leaving the manually or automatically. The connecting piping shall be the same size as the coil supply and return connections. A manually operated expansion valve.

A condensate control valve ashrqe be provided to regulate ashre condensate level. Liquids used for air exchanger, with or without extended surfaces, through which cooling or air heating.

The suction tem- the forms available online. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. The airflow through this apparatus is as follows: Continuous circuit type b. Thermodynamic Properties of Water 5. If necessary, distance between axes shall be based upon the average diame- the intake chamber shall contain diffusion baffles to 33-20000 ter.

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The average entering wet-bulb air temperature for a dehumidifying coil test shall not vary by more than 0. The lubricant circula- used provided it contains the information shown on the forms tion rate on the sample basis shall be verified for the labora- available online.

If necessary, the mixing chamber shall contain deflectors or vanes to mix the airstream to an extent that air temperatures in the plane of measurement do not vary more than 1.

Use the following formula when enthalpy is not available for aqueous glycol solution coils: When sampling tubes are used, it is not neces- sealed against air leakage at any static pressure within the test sary to restrict the mixing chamber cross-sectional area.