This Standard specifies safety requirements for electrical installations in areas where it is intended that low-voltage medical electrical. Incorporating Amendment No. 1. Australian/New Zealand Standard. Electrical installations—. Patient areas. Superseding AS/NZS A. AS/NZS , Electrical installations—Patient treatment areas of protected electrical areas is set out in AS/NZS , Guide to the safe.

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Class I, or Provided with Type B applied part. ICU with regular thermodilution Swann-Ganz monitoring. Other aged care facilities.

Body/Cardiac Protected Medical Installations: Test & Certification

Operating theatres for cardiac and thoracic surgery. BPA area sign not required. Certain patient areas must only be BPAs. Supply available lights not required unless RO unit is in another room. Maximum number of protected points. Imaging rooms with ECG monitoring or synchronised imaging. Substantially more demanding requirements apply.

As routine testing is now a requirement in all patient areas, it has become a legal requirement throughout Australia. LPD protection and EP earthing of socket-outlets outside patient areas: Cardiac standstill and massive burning may occur in high voltage shocks e.

Still applies wherever mains powered medical electrical equipmen t is used. Maximum field strength and test methods are specified for locations intended for ECG monitoring and recording. Person and organization that carried out the required certification: Burning, denervation and possibly ventricular fibrillation may occur depending on the magnitude and path of the current.


No longer a group: Can be outside a BPA if located within 15 m. RCDs must now be readily accessible and not mounted nss benches, in cupboards or cabinets, or behind heavy equipment.

Where a room is intended for medical electrical equipment that will be connected to a patient in another room, both rooms are patient areas For example: Safe equipment design needed: Requirements apply to new patient areas and to alterations. Requirements apply prior to commencing work, and on completion of work. nas

Ed 2 of IEC published in Share buttons are a little bit 300. Patient area must be wired as CPA. Amber supply available lights not required on socket-outlets.

Earthing must be upgraded if necessary to the standard if: Certify in writing that the work followed a formal specification prepared by the health care institution or practice, or … that the number of socket-outlets has been discussed with medical or nursing personnel and the likely loading on each circuit has been checked.

Body/Cardiac Protected Medical Installations

Room to be wired as BPA with following exceptions. This circuit may supply a large number of such socket-outlets. Must be up-to-date before starting any alteration 303 addition.


Wherever mains powered medical electrical equipment is used. Wall-mounted X-ray viewing boxes. Contractor must arrange for compliance testing to be repeated. Existing installations do not have to be upgraded, but … new work one new socket-outlet must comply with this requirement. Became a legal requirement in Victoria in Electrical installation work includes: New standard is not retrospective: Within existing buildings, these requirements apply to: No individual harmonic exceeds 1.

Broad acceptance of legal requirements is inhibited by: Still required in each CPA. Still requires patient areas to be wired as: Socket-outlets that are not readily accessible must have readily accessible isolating switches or a dedicated LPD.

Legal questions may need to be discussed with a state electrical authority or a lawyer. May be a duty of care under occupational health and safety legislation or common law. Ed 3 of the parent standard published in December Report number Date by which the next test is required.