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It’d be major news around the world, that’s for sure. The majority of this book was torture to read. Do that, and you’re in for even bigger disappointments, the novel is horribly written; no character daa up, juvenile dialogs, complete ignorance of politics and economy and a chattered storyline.

I just want my money back.

As Intermitências da Morte by José Saramago (1 star ratings)

The last few pages are actually kind of good, but they’re not good enough to make the first two hundred worth it. Paragraph-long sentences broken into intermitenciaz comma separated phrases that digress so deeply that by the time you reach the end you’ve completely lost the originating thought. JP Peste Somewhere around the middle it was boring, but then, when death becomes the main character, it became one of my favourite books.

Death With Interruptions is not merely the worst experience I’ve ever had with a novel, it’s the antithesis of my basic literary beliefs. In Saramago’s world, bloviation in the soul of wit.

As Intermitências da Morte

Hard to follow when people are talking because there are no breaks or quotations. This book sounded like it would mortr so intriguing, but I found it quite hard to follow. I mean if you like things like this, then go for it: Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat The conceptualization is over-ambitious.


I loved Saramago’s Blindness, so was keen to read this. Conversations were the worst – a big round table discussion betwee I only made it one quarter of the way through this book. By page when mrte story still had not engaged me and I found myself skipping whole pages that’s when Intermtencias knew it was over and laid the book down.

One long, rambling parable with no real characters to identify with.

Every time death sends him his letter, it returns. He writes in extremely long, run-on sentences, using a copious amount of commas. However, in an effort to kill more kindly, death will now send a letter to those about to perish, giving them a week to prepare for their end.

The author doesn’t even attempt to resolve that in anyway. The only way you could tell someone else has started talking it by a comma followed by a random capitalised letter like you normally find after a full stop. Each chapter was like a 20 page run on sentence.

Death with Interruptions – Wikipedia

The book bombards very big philosophical questions in what-if situation: Wonderful idea b What is up with this book? The book might strike you as a short easy read, but it’s definitely not. A means of finally killing people, and relieving families of the burden of their catatonic kin, is devised and implemented by an underground group known only as the maphia the ‘ph’ is chosen to avoid any confusion with the more sinister Mafia.

This is one of the worst books I’ve ever read in my entire life. I’m not sure if this is just a quirk of Saramago’s, or if it’s common to Portuguese writing, but whatever it was it was too difficult for me to plough through.

Ovako mogu do sutra. This was a highly anticipated read for me, but unfortunately around 70 pages in, I folded. I know Saramago’s writing style can be a challenge, but I was ready for that. A book about a place where suddenly nobody dies anymore [s] 5 71 Oct 15, Partway through, however, it seemed to take a turn towards a political focus, and that’s where I was lost completely, and gave up politics is not my strength This book sounded like it would be so intriguing, but I found it quite hard to follow.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yes, just that more nothing special about. I’m glad I didn’t read it first. Conversations were the worst – a big round table discussion between lots of people is made up of one single sentence!

At every turn, Saramago presents us with a joke smashed by rambling anecdote, an observation drowned by irrelevance or a plot twist stifled by non sequitur. The story of a country where people stop dying, they still age, and get injured, and eventually become a lump of nonfunctional meat, but they still don’t die, however that’s supposed to make sense. But it just inrermitencias work with me.

Is the funeral home industry doomed? Naime, prevod naslova me mnooogo svrbi. If I’d been gripped by the narrative I wouldn’t have minded this, and I felt in Blindness that it added to the experience. I don’t know why, I read it for a school assignment so more might have something to do with it. I am on page 70, does this book get any better, or does it keep going on in this vein? Open Preview See a Problem?