Arquitectura bioclimática y urbanismo sostenible (volumen II) (Serie No preview Title, Arquitectura bioclimática y urbanismo sostenible, Volume 1. Volume. Arquitectura bioclimática y urbanismo sostenible (volumen II) (Serie No preview Volume ; Volume of Coleccion de Textos Docentes. Contributors. See details and download book: New Release Arquitectura Bioclimática Y Urbanismo Sostenible Volumen Ii Serie Energias Renovables Pdf By Ja Coord.

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The first one is really important, consisting of the opening and reactivation of the central courtyard as a public space for events and activities. Inside the building, the intervention focuses on improvements that will allow new programmes and increase comfort: Desde la plaza elevada arquitectjra puede acceder a la terraza por la impresionante rampa helicoidal que rodea el patio verde.

arquitectura bioclimatica y urbanismo sostenible volumen ii pdf

It recovers the entrances from the 3 adjacent roads and generates an active and attractive, programmable public space. Other designers invited to share some of bioclimatida most important works on urban renewal are works by: November 29, Posted by: The final design and construction systems were devised under the following sustainability criteria: The four large opposite entrances facilitate themovement of people, furniture and large objects, and provide physical and visual connection through the building.

This space acts as a second natural filter for light and breeze and contributes to the regulation of the internal temperature through evaporative cooling. The public sector will provide the building on a concession basis and will provide resources for the initial materialization of the physical infrastructure. Diagramas explicativos de los principales conceptos tras la propuesta del Banco de Ideas.

Banco de Ideas as an activator of the Hermosillo center Category: The aim of Cuenca Red was to incorporate activities and programs in the Historic Center in order to create a new network of reactivated public spaces. Banyan Hub Ground Floor Plaza layout. At the same time, it will facilitate its management and operation with the other public agencies involved.


They enable the ability to activate spaces, attract people and become the first step towards the revitalization of the historical center. November 22, Posted by: The name and identity of the Banco de Ideas establish a link between its current use as a clothing bank and future use as a cultural, social and economic incubator.

arquitectura bioclimatica y urbanismo sostenible volumen ii pdf

General view of the location of the Banco de Ideas and its surroundings, as seen from Cerro de la Campana. The aim is to create a public and open place that would become a new node of activity, achieving a high impact without consuming excessive economic resources.

Public investment dollars total in the millions with a state-of-the-art library, revitalization of the historic Sunset Lounge, streetscape infrastructure, and an enhanced waterfront. Pointing out how a strategic-tactical approach can contribute to transforming the city. The parking lot is incorporated as a temporary expansion space in the moments of low usage, making it possible for the Banco de Ideas to also program outdoor activities.

This is certainly a problem, especially in the afternoon or the evening, when the shops and offices close, and the lack of activity and people in the area becomes more evident.

The new building is connected to the heritage building by corridors. Image of the building and the surrounding spaces from the outside. It is formed by an array of individual elements that present a responsive behaviorautonomously sensing the climatic conditions and the needs of the building and changing their configuration.

Many of the proposals emerged volumeh the participation process with different stakeholders. The concept of an urban catalyst is translated as a hybrid building see more examplescapable of hosting a wide variety of uses.


The downtown core has gone through a rebirth with substantial private investment including commercial and residential development. Celebrating at the Banyan Hub Rooftop Terrace. Urbamismo punto de partida: We conceived the project from its Phase 0, in order to unleash, through different actions and activities, dynamism and interest in the future of the building and its interior space.

HISTORIA DE LA ARQUITECTURA VOL V de FLETCHER (Descarga en PDF gratis) | Arquitectura | Pinterest

Structured as a unique urban route and conceived as a travel card, the exhibition accompanies the visitor through suggestions and ideas from some of the most interesting case studies of urban design and architecturewith a special focus on processes and scenarios that unite cities.

One of the main biocliamtica is related to the reactivation and management model of the Banco de Ropa building. If you want to know more about this project, we recommend you to check the Plan Idea Hermosilloand the document with the proposal for the Banco de Ideaswhich you can read below:.

The program includes urban plazas, retail and catering, rooftop pavilion, YMCA, business hub, mobility hub, housing, and city support area. We are aware of the historical value of a building like this.

ecosistema urbano

And, as such, it is usually lacking the most basic comfort, accessibility or healthiness. Febres Cordero A new hybrid building in the historic center of Cuenca Category: The project will be further developed in the next months. Both areas feature the presence of the central green courtyardan open-air multi-level natural space that gives continuity to the landscaped urban plazas of the building.