The Arizona Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale is a legal document that transfers You will be required to go to your local Arizona MVD Office to initially register your. The Authorized Third Party (ATPs) MVD would like to provide you with Title and Registration Application (Single) · Identification Requirements · Bill of Sale. Create or download a free printable Arizona Bill of Sale Form with the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

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It mdv protects the buyer if it is later discovered that the vehicle was stolen or had recently been in an accident. The purpose of an auto bill of sale is only to serve as a receipt for the transfer of ownership between two parties, but it cannot be used as proof of ownership.

When you sell, trade-in, end your lease, donate, or otherwise transfer ownership of your vehicle, you must notify MVD by sape completing a Sold Notice.

However, the Arizona car bill of sale must be completed by vehicle sellers, while buyers are only highly encouraged to provide signatures on the form as proof of participation in the transaction.

The document should include: Advantages of a Firearm Bill of Sale Though a bill of sale is not a legal requirement in Arizona, creating and maintaining one has its benefits. Thank you for using DMV.

Just enter the info, then download and print. You will then need to submit your request for the applicable form and wait for the request to be processed.

Selling Your Vehicle

By Mail If you do not have access to online services or prefer not to submit your request online, you may contact the Arizona motor vehicle department in order to request a bill of sale delivery by mail. Abandoned Vehicles Arizona accepts a sold notice or bill of sale as a form of proof of ownership when a vehicle is abandoned.

Get Form Open the form. Arizona Boat Bill of Sale Form Simplifing the sale of a vehicle between private parties. When a vehicle is lost, stolen, unclaimed, or removed from a public highway or property, it is considered abandoned.


Office of Inspector General. In addition for other types of transactions, such as for boats ‘form ‘ and firearms, all laws must be followed in addition to any sold notice s that need to be mailed to the State for vehicles and vessels. For maximum convenience, you can get a Comprehensive Bill of Sale package online here.

The names, as well as the contact information of the buyer and seller Hull ID number Length size of the watercraft The manufacturer Purchase price, as well as the sales tax paid Date of transfer Registering a New Boat To register a new boat, submit the following documents to Arizona Game and Fish Department: Within fifteen 15 days, the new owner of a vessel in Arizona must submit notice to the Game and Fish Department sending to the following address; Watercraft Registration Arizona Game and Fish Department W.

Vehicle for Hire Licensing. While some motor vehicle departments use bills of sale during title transfersthe Arizona MVD does not require a bill of sale to transfer a title or complete any other motor vehicle transaction.

The only exceptions are U. The names, addresses, phone numbers, and signatures of both the buyer and seller The vehicle selling price and the date the final payment was made A description of the vehicle, including the make, model, year, and VIN Vehicle Identification Number The date and location of the vehicle sale An odometer reading Both the buyer and seller should each have a copy as a salr of the ownership transfer.

As a courtesy, Arizona provides a sample bill of sale that can be completed and submitted to avoid being fined an abandoned vehicle salf. Regardless of size, type, or construction, all motorboats, including inflatable rafts, sail boats, and canoes that have electric motors, must be registered in Arizona.

Free Arizona Bill of Sale Forms | PDF | Word (.doc)

The AZ MVD provides a sold notice for liability purposes see belowbut a bill of sale lets you access important information like:. Arizona motor vehicle department offices also offer Bill of Sale forms in various locations throughout the state.

After the mgd of sale has been signed and the buyer has completed the terms of the agreement, all items should be srizona between the parties. However, processing and delivery times can often cause delays, making the by-mail option the least effective if you need your documentation as soon as possible.


Vehicle Services

As the seller, you need protection from liability for anything the buyer or anyone else does with the vehicle after you sell it. When an individual buys a vehicle from mvdd dealership and the vehicle record is an electronic Dealer Reassignment Title, a representative from the dealership must submit a state-provided bill of sale from the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division MVD.

In some states, a generic bill of sale must be notarized aruzona verify that the information it contains is correct and to help during the title registration process. Arizona accepts a sold notice or bill of sale as a form of proof of ownership when a vehicle is abandoned. Firearm Bill of Sale.

Individuals do not have to use the provided bill of sale form. An Arizona bill of sale is an essential document when it comes to finalizing the sale of a vehicle between two parties. Both the buyer and seller should each have a copy as bbill receipt of the ownership transfer. Details to Include in a Customized Bill of Sale Buyers and sellers who opt to create their own bills of sale should include this information: Arizona has lax gun laws and there is no requirement for the buyer to obtain agizona type of licensing or permit s to carry a concealed weapon.

To learn how and where to get the form, continue reading the sections below.

Bill of Sale Requirements in Arizona

Arizona Motor Vehicle Crash Facts. The state provides a bill of sale that can be used or individuals can submit their own customized forms that include:. As such, you do have the option of picking up an application from your local office.