AWS 80Ar/20CO2 (M21) As welded. Impact Value, Testing Temperature, Stress Relieved Testing Temp, Stress Relieved Testing Time. 80 J, °C, -, -. 60 J, . Visit the oK aristorod microsite and learn why OK AristoRod wires bring .. G 69 4. High strength. 79 (). ERS-G. G Mn4Ni2CrMo. G 79 4. High strength. Classifications: EN ISO A; G 69 4 M Mn3Ni1CrMo; EN ISO A; G Mn3Ni1CrMo; Wire Electrode; SFA/AWS A; ERS-G; Wire Electrode.

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Cheques are not accepted. Your registration has been successful. Should a Buyer, by himself, his servants or agents cause damage in any way to the site of the auction or damage to or loss of any lot thereat, the Auctioneer shall be entitled to exercise a lien aristkrod respect of any and all lots purchased by the Buyer until such damage or loss has been paid for in full, whether or not the lots arustorod any of them have been paid for in full, such loss and damage to be assessed by the Auctioneer whose decision shall be final and unchallengeable.

Payment in full shall be deemed not to have occurred until any negotiable instrument has been honoured in full or cash has been paid such payment to be made within the time specified in the Special Conditions of Sale or in default of that specification, within 5 working days of receipt of the invoice.

Buy Esab Mag Wire OK ARISTOROD 69 Spool 18 kg Dia. 1 mm Online in India at Best Prices

Thank You for your valuable feedback. Unfortunately, your registration has been declined by the auctioneer. Whilst the Auctioneers or the Seller may provide details of removal contractors those named do not come with any recommendation. Buyers must insure against these risks. Thank you for the request. Please notify us well in advance of the sale if you are intending to purchase though a finance company. By making a bid for any lot, the person making the bid warrants that he has read, makes his bid upon and agrees to be bound by these Conditions, and further warrants that he has due authority and capacity to make the bid, and binds both himself and any employer or principal to honour any contract resulting therefrom.

Please note that in the event of a bid being received within 10 minutes of the scheduled closing time, the bidding period on that lot will automatically extend aristood a further 10 minutes. Last sold on Rs. Auctioneer has chosen not to publish the price of this arisforod.


Leave a bid now! The Auctioneer reserves the right to request that the Buyer pays a bond in respect of potential damage to the auction premises prior to commencing removal.

To be sure to win, come back on 21 Oct These Conditions shall be construed in accordance with and governed by English Law save in respect of sales in Scotland and Northern Ireland which shall be construed in accordance with and governed aistorod Scottish and Northern Irish Law respectively.

Atistorod are the current highest bidder! The Auctioneers xristorod specifically exclude liability for any accident or injury, howsoever arising, sustained by any person or persons who may attend at the premises for the purpose of the auction, inspection, purchase, collection or any other business.

Successful Bidders for any such plant, machinery or equipment are hereby required to ensure that the use of any such plant aeistorod equipment at a place of work within the United Kingdom does not contravene such relevant Act or Regulation thereunder applicable thereto.

We have thousands of new lots everyday, start a new search. We have sent you an email enclosing confirmation link, on your ID. We accept payments by Visa or Mastercard subject to a 2 per cent surcharge. For the best chance of winning, increase your maximum bid. Tuesday 21st October You have been outbid. The Auctioneer’s assessed sum shall be paid by the Buyer upon receipt of invoice therefore and payment shall be made forthwith, time being of the essence. Accept Cookies Learn More.

Aritorod As per Esab’s policy.

WIRE OK. 13.29 1,2 ARISTOROD 69

Otherwise call Email this to a friend or colleague! The Buyer shall not be entitled to remove any lot from it’s position at the time of sale until the purchase price of that and any other lot purchased at the auction has been paid in full and in default of payment as aforesaid the Auctioneers shall have a lien upon all lots purchased by the Buyer during the same auction and shall be entitled to rescind the sale in respect of any lot or lots for which full payment is not made in due time, forfeit any deposit paid in respect of them, and resell the same without any right of compensation in the Buyer.


Your password has been reset successfully. The auctioneer, when acting as agent for the seller may also receive commission from the Seller.

Payment is required immediately upon receipt of invoice unless alternative arrangements have been made aristoros the Auctioneers prior to the sale. Invoices will be prepared and sent to individual buyers by email on Wednesday 22nd October Where no location is stated in the lot description, the goods are at the CJM premises in Scunthorpe.

You need to be arisyorod and approved to bid at this auction. Where waste materials are removed all work must be undertaken by an approved and licensed contractor. Payments by means other than cash are unaffected.

Upon rescission, any deposit paid by the Buyer shall be forfeit and the Auctioneer shall be entitled to exercise the rights set out in paragraph 6. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. There was an error sending your enquiry, aristirod not try again later.

The title to any lot shall remain with the Seller until the full sale price and any storage and interest charges have been paid to the Auctioneer, but the risk of damage to aristkrod loss of the lot by whatsoever cause and in whatsoever circumstances shall be transferred to the buyer at the moment when the lot is knocked down.

We will get back to you shortly! The sale of any lot shall be concluded and binding at aristood moment when the sale closes. The Auctioneer, his servants and agents have no authority to make representations. Time of payment shall be of the essence.

We recommend sending a BACS payment. If, before title to any lot has passed to the Buyer thereof, the Buyer, being an individual, dies, enters into a composition or arrangement for the benefit of his creditors or has a Receiving Order in Bankruptcy made against him or being a body corporate, has a Receiver or a Receiver and Manager appointed or goes into liquidation or enters into a composition or arrangement for the benefit of it’s creditors, then contract for the sale of such lots shall be automatically and without notice rescinded unless the Auctioneer elects otherwise within 2 working days of written notice of such an event.