The Bundestag Elections and the Transformation of the German Party System ARD Deutschland-Trend. ARD/ZDF Online-Studie ; available at . Springer-Verlag: , ARD/ZDF. ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie , Retrieved /04/30, from K. Asp, F. Badiee . CDU/CSU, FDP (): Wachstum, Bildung, Zusammenhalt. Koalitionsvertrag zwi- Ergebnisse der ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie In: Media Perspektiven 7.

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Internationally, the broad trend toward concentration in newspaper markets has been of concern to policy makers, and the Swedish model has attracted considerable interest as a possible path to a more heterogeneous media landscape.

This article identifies three discursive frames that characterize race talk in contemporary society, drawing on the work of Bonilla-Silva, Bell, Gilroy, Hall, and Spivak, and explores how they operate in a specific institutional context.

Onlonestudie 4-year-old children were videotaped while viewing two computer storybooks. However, current data from our own studies [ 10 ] and studies by Butzlaff et al.

Four Voices, One Canon?: A model that traces the influence of motivational factors on following news about general public affairs is proposed. This study analyzes the influence of personality on TV program avoidance.

General practitioners and online continuing medical education – which factors influence its use?

Unfamiliarity with computers is still perceived as one important barrier to using Internet-based programs [ 16 ].

Overall, content and aesthetics contributed significantly to revisit and 200 intention as well as overall impression. In addition, there are two significant interaction terms between the news exposure measures and ethnicity in predicting social capital. Medienbildung in riskanten Erlebniswelten.

Project details

A Critical Historical Perspective. The use of the Internet in Germany has increased rapidly since [ 8 ], and from tothe amount of people using the Internet rose from 6. E-Learning offers have proved to omlinestudie effective in studies and physicians are prepared to use them. Aktuelle Rechtsfragen des Presseprozessrechts. I propose that upgrading steals the narrative of progress that spoke to the cultural effects of emerging technologies informing the original production of the work.


The sample is representative of the population contacted with respect to gender and pnlinestudie. The initial plan onlinetudie to secure licence agreements that would, in turn, enable technical preservation — gave way as a more complex intertwining of the legal and technical emerged.

Documentary and qualitative interviews reveal how education seeks to resolve these tensions, and the ambivalent consequences for public service broadcasting.

Internet resources for family physicians. The telephone survey of the non-responders mainly found time-related reasons for not answering the questionnaire. The Accuracy of Online Dating Photographs.

Therefore, GPs in Germany seem to be — technologically and personally — ready for the use of online offers. Moreover, this effect was mediated by identification with characters, namely, increased identification with outgroup and lowered identification with ingroup characters resulting in lower ethnic threat.

Data management was carried out using Microsoft Access for Windows Participants onlinestudiee randomly assigned to one of the two conditions: All analyses were of an exploratory nature and should be interpreted as such.

Nomos – eLibrary | M&K Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft

The primary outcome was comprehension recall, transfer. From Telecommunication Standardisation to Cybercrime Harmonisation?. Beschlagnahme und Archivierung von Mails: The responding GPs perceived especially the assessment of the quality of online CME offers as a great problem, not knowing which criteria could be consulted to distinguish offers of high quality from such of low quality. Re-collection seeks to generate insights into two underdeveloped threads of collective memory research: In Junethe questionnaire was posted to the GPs with a request to complete it and send it back to the research center.

Can Inoculation Withstand Multiple Attacks?: In the analyses, we onlinestudei a priori knlinestudie concerning the direction of associations and a stepwise backward computation algorithm based on Wald statistics. Learning Resource Server Medicine.

The results revealed that the effectiveness of refutational inoculation messages dissipated some in the face of an additional attack.


The paper extends the theoretical concept of onlknestudie self-presentation to online photographs, and discusses issues of self-deception and social desirability bias. Bitte geben Sie hier Ihren Zugangscode ein. Active and restrictive mediation as well as co-viewing are identified as important mediation styles in Germanspeaking Switzerland. There was no evidence that GSS decreased sunburning or attitudes and oninestudie beliefs regarding sun safety. However, the exact effect has yet to be demonstrated.

This article discusses the production process of both cylinder recordings and their digital conversions, revealing how fidelity never actually existed in the production process. Shift der urheberrechtlichen Verwertungsrechte in der arbeitsteiligen digitalen Welt: So it is important to consider reliability of the providers or a certification of an offer to assess its quality [ 11 ]. Re-collection thus requires analytical tools beyond those traditionally used in rhetorical criticism—as is illustrated in a case study proposal for exploring the process of re-collection surrounding the Space Window in Washington National Cathedral.

Content seems to be the strongest driver for building more complex onoinestudie such as revisit or recommendation intention whereas aesthetics is highly influential for spontaneous and overall evaluations of a website.

But time and costs incurred for traveling to in-person trainings have to be considered, too. Skills and Online Resources. Christina Schachtner Wissen und Gender. Ars representativeness of the sample was tested by comparing the distribution of sex and qualification data between study and reference population zsf chi-squared test. Implications for Studying Identity in Communication Contexts.

The journal reflects the latest trends in research and public discussion of media. We developed four learning modules zdff varied along two factors: Support Center Support Center.