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Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography

Immagini e simboli di umana. Fishes would have evolved just as they are. But oddly enough, these entities did not emerge during our work with regressive hypnosis. So the Pistis Sophia, or the Book of Saviour, an apocryphal Gospel of Gnostic origin, written in Coptic probably in the second half of the third century, contains a secret revelation of the risen Christ to the disciples at the meeting including Mary Magdalene, the Virgin and Marthaduring the eleven years after his Resurrection.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are four calamities that have to happen before the end of mankind. Therefore the first man, Adam Kadmon, or the first manifestation and incarnation of Vishnu, can only be a fish man. The horse is nothing more than a machine, a means through malabga the rider performs an action or the representation of an event that will grossly affect humanity.

The Philistines worshiped an amphibious creature called Dagon or Odakon that was depicted along with his partner Atargatis, who had a fish tail and human body. However, this is not the place to dwell on this connection, which is quite extraordinary in the similarity of detail. The final part of Veda, the Upanishads, says: He is traditionally represented with four heads, four faces, four arms and four legs, and every head is intent on reciting one of the four Vedas.

In the Hindu religion, the Trimurti Sanskrit: Peppa and her friends are all dressed up for the party. Tradition is divided on the ninth avatar.

Corrado Malanga – Archetipi della creazione e Triade Color Test Dynamic Flash

But who is Krishna really? This deity attracted our attention because, when describing the bestiary of aliens mostly anthropomorphicour abductees told us of snakes, amphibians, insects, birds and mammals but there was one missing form that we would have expected to come across: Beware your God, he lives through you, and at the end of times, having used you, he will throw you into the void.


Vicenza,because the Angels or Archons are the PM in this context. We must keep the matter of the Pashupati emblem the Lord of the Beasts, the Christian Devil in mind, which was discovered on a seal at Mohenjo Daro, one of the largest city-states of the Indus Valley civilization.

The primordial sound is the Divine Utterance by which, according to the first chapter of Genesis, all things were made. The two souls of Pistis Sophia As we know, there are two sources for the soul: The soul, whose archetype is the wind, blows on the ark and the ark catches fire, similar to cases of spontaneous combustion or alien combustion caused by the soul parts of our abductees when they rise up against them.

So the Prime Man or Oannes or Vishnu in his first incarnation if you prefer, wants to destroy mankind on the one hand, but on the other hand cannot afford the luxury of destroying all the soul containers. The consequences of this analysis lead us to conclude that our current civilisations are actually the result of the fall of many other civilizations up until the pre-diluvian period, of which traces remain in legends and myth.

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Libreria Cavour Esoterica Archetipi Alfabetici. Literature about the ,alanga 1. Therefore, on the one hand Matsya the fish evokes the flood, on the other hand he tries to save some humans: There were even fish entities in the perfect depiction of aliens in Star Trek, the hit TV series that taught America about the conquest of space: He said to call him Oannes.

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Three were the petals of the lotus flower; three are soul, mind and spirit, supported by the trident handle or the stem of the legendary flower. The first aspect is the easiest to demonstrate and is connected to the single root behind the birth of our myths. Segni, Simboli e Significati.

Corrado Malanga – Archetipi della creazione e Triade Color

The story continues with the descendent of Eleleth, the symbol of wisdom that helped to free Norea from the Archons. However, Poseidon had numerous other love stories, especially with the Nymphs of the fountains, with which he fathered several children, famed for their barbarism and cruelty, including the giant Orion the name betrays the alien origins of Horus, whose body is occupied by his father, Ra and the Cyclops Polyphemus the very tall alien with three eyes, one of which is on the forehead, recalls the myth of the giant Polyphemus from Greek mythology.

We asked the soul to tell us how the Universe is built and thanks to these conversations we have traced the path of history as well, we fully understood the meaning of the ancient myths and we found within them the unmistakable trace of the aliens, demons and Gods which used us for their own aims, making us believe that they were our masters.

It seems that similar memories, in the west, have been preserved in Celtic traditions, yet they are difficult to reconstruct with only fragmentary data having survived into the present. Jesus Christ Son of our Saviour God.