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We update the database regularly but are unable to guarantee that the laws it contains are always complete, accurate and the most recent version. SCHEDULES General When determining the working time pattern of the worker, the employer shall, as far as possible, take into account the personal circumstances of the worker, which in any arbridstijdenwet includes care duties for children, dependent family members, relatives and others close to him, as well as his social responsibilities.

The employer shall organize the work arbeidstijdnewet that the employee performing on-call arbejdstijdenwet consignatie does not exceed arbeidsstijdenwet hours per week, 40 hours in average in each 16 week period, provided that during this period is assigned, at least 16 times, partly or fully the period between Exceptions from the general weekly limit apply when the nature of work necessitates it that the work is to a considerable extent carried out by stand-by work aanwezigheidsdienst and that this cannot be prevented by organising the work in a different way.

At least one break must be of at least 30 minutes.

ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. The decision about the request to adjust working time must be given to the employee in writing.

Following the performance of arbeidstijdeneet work on three consecutive days, the employee has to be granted 46 hours consecutive rest. The employer is required to consult with the worker about the request to change working hours.


Netherlands – Working time – 2011

Rest breaks are required for workers who work more than 5. Young workers shall not perform more than 9 hours of work per shift. Equal Treatment Act Algemene wet gelijke behandelingdated 2 Marchas amended to 30 June http: This determination must be made in sufficient time for the worker to be able to prepare for his or her leave, unless prevented by important reasons.

The work and rest patterns will be determined by the employer in writing.

Pregnant adult employees can not be required to perform more than 10 hours of work per shift. Work carried out in uninterrupted shifts may be extended or shortened by at most 15 minutes if this is required for ensuring good progress of work. Workers can make a new request at most once every two years after the employer has granted or refused a previous request. Where the dates of the annual leave are not included in a written agreement, collective agreement, administrative body, or by law, the determination is made by the employer after consulting the worker.

Collective agreements may deviate from these provisions in exceptional circumstances, if the nature of work or the circumstances of the workplace justify this.

Maximum 11 hours a day, 62 hours a week, including overtime. These workers are entitled to work in a stable and regular pattern of work and rest breaks.

ON CALL WORK The employer shall guarantee that in each 28 day period, the arbejdstijdenwet is not assigned on call work consignatie for at least 14 full days, and that twice 48 consecutive hours are free of any work, including on call work. The break may be split into arbeifstijdenwet breaks xrbeidstijdenwet at least 15 minutes. On-call work consignatie starts at the moment of a call to work. Rest periods in work carried out in uninterrupted shifts may be extended or shortened by 15 consecutive minutes maximum if this is required arbeidstijdnwet ensuring good progress of work.


Relevant provisions have been not identified. They are entitled to breastfeeding breaks as often and for as long as required, to a total duration of up to one-fourth of the shift length. ON CALL No on call work consignatie shall be assigned for 11 consecutive hours preceding and 14 consecutive hours following night work.

Employers are obliged to organize the work of young workers so that they are able to pursue their education. Exceptions The 11 hour daily rest period may be shortened to a minimum of 8 hours once in every seven day period, if the nature of the work or business circumstances so demand.

TRAVAIL legal databases

Overtime work is not regulated by law. If a medical examination determines that a worker has health problems that result from working at night, the employer is required, within a reasonable period, to transfer the worker to day work, unless this cannot reasonably be expected from him.

The young worker will have an uninterrupted rest period of at least 36 hours in each consecutive period of 7 days. Maximum limit of 60 hours per week, 55 hours in average in each 4-week period and 48 hours in average in each period of 16 consecutive weeks. Work and Care Act. The website of the Government of Netherlands Rijksoverheid. Working Hours Decree Art.

EUR-Lex – LNLD_ – EN – EUR-Lex

Civil Code, Book 7 Art. Statutory provisions regulating work on public holidays have been not identified.

The limit of 60 hours per week applies. Youth who because of compulsory education have to go to school two days a week are, apart from school holidays, entitled to a minimum of twelve holidays.