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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR 64 U.S. Army Explosives Safety Program. Reference URL. and Ammunition Components AR Malfunctions Involving Ammunition and Explosives AR Military Explosives TM Regulations. Used Washington DC: Dept of Army, March Soft Cover. 2 pages, Good. Item #

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In these instances, the board president will provide the following to military police or Criminal InvestigationCommand investigators— 1 Physical or common source items. Unexploded Ordnance Training Support Package.

DA Civilian collateral safety personnel may be used to augment the safety organization. For all other accidents, submit the original copy of the report to Commander, U. Before publishing, each best practice is reviewed and approved by a group of subject matter experts. Explosives safety training 385-665 include explosives RM training for those responsible for thedevelopment and review of deviations and associated risk assessments. Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army.

These are DA accident investigation reports used solely for theprevention of subsequent DA accidents. The RSO may not serve as thechair. Cook I Catering Sodexo Inc. An autopsy may be conductedwhere the Federal Government has exclusive jurisdictional authority and where the circumstance surrounding the deathare unknown or unnatural; there is a reasonable suspicion the death was by unlawful means; or the identity of thedecedent is unknown.

Uponapproval of an alternate standard, the originating Army Headquarters may proceed with implementation. Monitor and prevent hazards and diseases in the work area. BuildingFort Belvoir, VAspecial emphasis on responsibilities and The proponent of this regulation is the — Army accidentAn Army accident is defined as an unplanned event, or series of events, which results in one or more of the following: Preexisting injuries and musculoskeletal disorders unless aggravated or accelerated by Federal employment.

They are the standard DA pamphlet and the informational DA pamphlet. Death or injury resulting solely from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other substances.


However, prior to release, especially in cases where the product is derived fromaggregate data; such animations must be reviewed for sensitive national security content. The original and one copy of the report will be forwarded to the unit experiencingthe accident; another copy will be forwarded directly to the appropriate Army Headquarters. Army safety and occupational health program structure a. Iraq Ordinance Identification Guide. Malfunctions or failure of parts that are normally subject to fair wear and tear and have a fixed useful life lessthan the complete weapon system or unit of equipment are not considered accidents if the malfunction or failure is theonly damage and the sole action is to replace or repair that component part.

Explosive Safety Resources

Periodically review database to ensure that deviations are reviewed at the local level toensure that risk assessments are current and that all exposures, risks, and mitigating actions have been identified andvalidate the need for continuance. The standard DA pamphlets contain the mandatory information needed to carry out the policies and proceduresprescribed by this Army regulation to execute specific areas of the Army Safety Program for example, explosivessafety and chemical agent safety.

Each safety office will develop strategic goals, a strategic plan, and a business plan to execute the strategic planaccording to DA Pam — Perform basic systems safety tasks. Army Headquarters approving authority. Provide administrative and logistical support for the investigation board. Provide regulatory interpretation and technical advice. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, ra, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status.

Explosive Safety

The senior commander or managementofficial of the installation or activity will certify and sign the OSHA Form annually. Personnel assigned to perform the SOH CP—12 functions will meet the requirements for these positionsestablished by the Office of Personnel Management and CP—12 level certification requirements established for theposition. Army Corps of Engineers. Be at work when scheduled and maintain a good attendance record. Accidents normally will be charged in this order of precedence— 1 The unit or element having operational control of the equipment or facility.


The number of committeemembers will be based on the size, safety needs, and diversity of the operations performed by the organization. Mishaps that involve factory new production aircraft prior to the Government accepting risk of damage or loss arereported as contractor mishaps.

In the case of an on-duty DACivilian accident, a medical advisor is sufficient. Accident and incident classesAccident classes are used to determine the appropriate investigative and reporting procedures. For incidents involving DA Civil-ians, see paragraph 3—5a 9above. Obtain the serious qr report, military police reports, and Criminal Investigation Command reports, ifcompleted.

If a conflict in determining accountability between Army Headquarters cannot be resolved within commandchannels, the commanders involved will submit a formal request for decision to the DASAF.

The information pamphlets share best practices. Deputy Chief of Staff, G—1. Safety advancementThe requirements contained in this regulation represent the minimum safety arr. Unexploded Ordnance Safety Posters. Army Material Systems Analysis Activity,and so forthdocument the status of the equipment and facility prior to the decision to operate. Investigation and reporting 385–65 to this regulation qr DA Pam — The installation-level safety manager or the equivalent when an installa-tion safety office does not exist will ensure that the entire accident report is prepared per instructions, and accident dataare analyzed for prevention purposes.

Information available through this page will provide leaders, ammunition and explosives personnel, and safety managers with explosives safety resources to develop and manage your explosives safety program. Ammunition Operations in the Balkans.