Aquamist Manuals HFS-6 HFS-5 HFS-4 HFS-3 HFS-2 HFS-1 MF2 DDS3. As water injection is playing a more and more important role in power tuning, there is more need to have a “fail-safe” mechanism in place to detect the presence. Aquamist HFS3 – UPDATE installation completed w. picts . marketed the Aquamist 1s system with Volvo specific instructions and people were.

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Originally Posted by marv Last edited by blot; at Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Tape is a little half ass in an automotive engine compartment environment though, I’d highly suggest shrink wrap tubing instead, manaul much better for such things. A bad connection is always possible, but if you do the job mabual there is no reason to be worried at all. Some of the factory wire bundles might be shielded, I haven’t taken them apart to know for sure though.

Aquamist HFS-2 PWM meth injection system installed – review & pictures

Awesome write up and review, thanks! It’s almost been a year now. Results 1 to 35 of Perhaps this is why none of these “mods” are really scarya challengeor serious. There are 2 important differences between Aquamist and the other meth injection kits used on this forum: Originally Posted by marconi Did you tapped directly in the injector wires?

I love my HFS6. I’m not saying hfs-33 can’t be done right, but there asuamist always the possiblity of error. It was first synthesized in the s, and was later combined with water and used during WWII in supercharged fighter planes and bomber engines. The Aquamist control unit was placed under the glovebox, it’s easily accessible and doesn’t take up storage space. Can you provide some instructions how to wire up the manuual injector and map sensor lines into the ECU?


Last edited by jstro; at Did you tapped directly in the injector wires? Your email address will not be published. This is basic instrumentation I’m discussing here and I’m sure the volvo engineers did their due diligence to get all this right. Originally Posted by marconi But if it occurs farther back in the compression stroke, in high-horsepower instances, it can easily destroy an engine’s internal components.

Find More Posts by Eliei. E82 i Join Date: Not to knock the Aquamist system or anything but why is that most of the people on here are die hard “Aqua Mist” Fans The only part that should be mounted in the engine bay is the FAV Fast acting valve and flow sensor which comes mounted together as a single unit as per the HFS-3 manual.

Methanol also effectively increases the octane rating of fuel, giving the benefits of running higher octane levels. BMW i Join Date: Moreover, it will help you with the initial ufs-3 adjustments as you’ll need easy access to the controller. See product comparison tab above for a comprehensive list of features and functions offered by other companies.

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Other than that have fun with meth! There were a lot of cables that needed to be routed to the controller.

The MAP has to represent a 3 BAR of aquzmist range with only 5 volts of signal range so any intefering voltage levels that get added or subtracted from that will give the ECU boost values that randomly deviate from the actual value. Stock S60r Totalled: Reviews There are no reviews yet. Aquamist Versus the Competition.

Aquamist HFS4 Methanol Injection for BMW Direct Injection Engines

Plus with these later generation systems, as Blazingbob did you can use boost to set the trigger point, and hfa-3 the fuel injector cycle to control the amount of spray, or you can run only off of the fuel injector cycle, I am still trying to decide how I will do this Bob, thanks for the data, you saved me from having to research that myself.


Since the flow is variable you can use a bigger jet and have it the system start pumping at low volumes much sooner to get the increased octane from the Meth and the increased heat absorption from the water much sooner.

Originally Posted by jstro. Thanks for the suggestion. The thing I really like about this system is that it does not use a boost switch to trigger spraying and instead uses ECU data from either boost or much better on the fuel injector cycle. Lets just say I have a lot of first hand expereince repairing things like chopped up harnesses on cars and bikes that ran like crap because people fubared maunal wiring on a critical harness.

Originally Posted by Syndicategt. I’ll post those up when I have the time. You could use a magnet, though I wouldn’t concider it secure enough to keep valuable harware in place, lol.

It was a lot of fun It’s incredible how responsive the system is, the injection flow follows the accelerator pedal precisely with no delay whatsoever.

The time now is I just wanted to let people know that this kind of work needs to be done right because there are pitfalls if its not.

Originally Posted by bmwe82 as well as fuel pressure Do not go above 21psi or 1. I know I aquamiwt been thinking of getting on of these with all the heat lately.

Our tanks designed to support all the features of Aquamist systems as well as internal baffles to prevent splashing.