Examples and Tutorials for AquaLogic Service Bus™ These examples offer several approaches to learning about and working with AquaLogic Service Bus. BEA AquaLogic Service Bus Tutorials Illustrates how to use the AquaLogic Service Bus to do routing, transformation and to create proxy services that interact. Weblogic – Aqualogic Service Bus – EAI – Part 1 This blog is to gather my learnings and understandings about Weblogic(WL)’s Aqualogic.

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Articles lacking sources from July All articles lacking sources Articles with topics of unclear notability from January All articles with topics of unclear notability Articles with a promotional tone from January All articles with a promotional tone Articles with multiple maintenance issues. The workaround uses the subst command to shorten the classpath passed by ant. Left-click Add an Actionthen select Routing Table. At run time, AquaLogic Service Bus routes messages according to the configuration of this default case if none of the conditions configured in the Routing Table is met.

The build script is used to build each of the services. The following scenario describes a situation in which the choice of the implementation is important:. This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat You can invoke the Configuration Wizard in the graphical mode or console mode.

Transforming a Loan Application. It is used to resolve differences in requirements between business services and service clients. Oracle software Enterprise application integration. These are the WSDL resources. The examples are installed automatically as part of the AquaLogic Service Bus installation. In the tutorial you use four different business services.

Provide the basic steps that will help you to learn to configure more complicated scenarios. For each business service: AquaLogic Service Bus manages the routing and transformation of messages in an enterprise system to promote seamless application integration.


Oracle Service Bus – Wikipedia

The following conventions are used throughout this document:. You must complete the steps in this section before you start the tutorials. The routing behavior of the proxy service in this scenario is based on the value of the loan amount in the loan application message.

Validating a Loan Application describes how a AquaLogic Service Bus proxy service can be configured to validate a message passing seevice a client to a business service.

This logic includes such activities as transformation, publishing, and reporting, which are implemented as individual actions within the stages of a pipeline. Accept the default selection esrvice Text for XQuery expression. The body context variable holds the body of the message. Each business service also has a set of files associated with it.

Validating a Loan Application describes how a BEA AquaLogic Service Bus proxy service can be configured to validate buus message passing from a client to a business service.

All other features are added as vendors think it is necessary for an ESB. This directory has two subdirectories: I just followed the installation setup wizard and it went perfect on my XP machine.

Build and Deploy Business Services Step 6: The expression is validated for syntax. Retrieved from ” https: The files contained in this folder are those required by the normal business service. In the WS-Callout Request Parameters section, set the Loan request parameter to inputparam the message context variable you defined in the preceding section. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The response processing starts with the relevant operation pipeline which then joins into a single service-level response pipeline.

The examples are pre-configured scenarios that use AquaLogic Service Bus proxy services to communicate with business services to route, transform, and validate a loan application. In the Namespace text field, enter java: In a nutshell, ALSB acts as a proxy between client and service any service lives in server. You configure the logic for the manipulation of messages in proxy service message flow definitions.


If also allows to write logics to decide which business services to contact in runtime.

Oracle Service Bus

To learn how to start the examples server and launch a browser window that displays the AquaLogic Service Bus Examples page, from which you can run the examples, do one of the following: In other words, should be configurable.

After you start the WebLogic server, you must run the build script to perform the following tasks:. These tutorials show how AquaLogic Service Bus is used to route a loan application to appropriate business aualogic based on the configurations set in the proxy service. Each of the tutorials includes instructions for designing and configuring the AquaLogic Service Bus resources, followed by test sections that you can use to test the configurations you complete.

BEA Systems – AquaLogic Service Bus Documentation

You can modify the properties in the WebLogic configuration section of the examples. Note that the response message indicates that the Normal Loan Application Processing Service processed the request because the amount of the loan requested was Working through the tutorial you will: After you have completed tutlrial settings, the examples.

Later, if you find that uttorial of the setting needs to be reverted back to original setting. In this scenario, the proxy service is configured to route to one of several different business services, depending on the business requirements:. A project is nothing but a group of proxy aqhalogic business services. The page contains a single link, Add an Action. In the first tutorial you will become familiar with the basic functionality of the AquaLogic Service Bus that facilitates web service mediation, including message routing and web service resource creation.