an antidote against arminianism. by Christopher Ness. or. A Treatise to Enervate and Confute All The Five Points Of it;. Viz.: Predestination Grounded upon. Recommended by John Owen, John Gill, and Augustus Toplady. An easy-to-read but devastating critique of the Arminian heresy. A treatise to refute all five. An easy to read, but totally devastating attack against the heresy of Arminianism. Recommended reading by John Owen, John Gill, and Augustus Toplady.

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God did not thrust Adam into his sin, as, after he had willingly sinned, He thrust him out of Paradise.

He was not obliged by acts, as acts are necessary by a moral obligation. Whom He foreknew, not only with the knowledge of observation, but with the knowledge of approbation also; He foreknew them to be His.

It is a marriage state, and that is for life too Ho 2: Such as are given to Christ in the decree of election, do come to, or believe in Christ; others do not come, do not believe; and the cause assigned is, because they are not of His sheep, because they are not given to Him.

Christ freely, and of His own sovereign will, called James and John, the two sons of Zebedee, and left their father uncalled with the hired servants Mark 1: Shall the thing formed say to Him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? So it antidoote when Christ bade. Finally to fall is never to rise again, arminianisn to recover by repentance; but to die in sin unrepented of and unpardoned. He was under electing love; all foresight of faith and works being excluded.

What scriptural arguments can be assigned, or reasons given, to evidence that this special saving grace cannot be totally and finally lost? The sun may sooner be stopped in his course than God hindered of His work or in His will.

They first believed and then were sealed, i.

An Antidote Against Arminianism () by Christopher Ness – Still Waters Revival Books

And antisote was unlawful for a Jew to keep company or have any dealings with a Gentile see Matthew Touching such sublime mysteries our faith stands upon two sure bottoms: Get to Know Us. Predestinating love is like a river that runs under ground, and breaks out in certain places above the earth.


The call and command of God is the conduit-pipe of strength and ability. Christ is the means. The doctrine of the perseverance of the saints will therefore antidotte considered in this last chapter; and the position to be defended is: This plainly overthrows the independency of God.

An Antidote Against Arminianism by Rev. Christopher Ness (1621-1705)

We may not tempt the Lord our God. The third reason is taken from Christ. The last argument for the final perseverance of the saints is taken from the whole concurrent voice of Scripture testimony.

Man considered in four-fold state, twelve Arguments to prove there is no Free-will to good in Man in his fallen estate. Therefore we are said to be elected in Christ, but never for Christ; for Christ is an elect one Himself, as was shown before. As a harlot may have children but no credit or arminianisn from them, because they are s; so graces, such as false hope, faith, love, etc.

Unconverted men are nothing creatures. He was excommunicated no less than four times, and when in or a writ de excommunicato capiendo was issued against him, he removed to London, where againnst preached to a private congregation in Salisbury Court, Fleet Street.

He doth not elect that doth not prefer some before others. How can it be safely said that God ever intended the salvation of any others, but those who are, or shall be, effectually saved?

Oh, who can order the ways of grace, and set bounds to the spirit of God in its breathings on man! Irresistible grace takes not away that natural liberty which the will hath by creation, but the depravity of it only; knocking off its fetters, but not destroying its nature.

Antidote Against Arminianism

He was happy in Himself from all eternity; would have been happy for ever without either of these; and to affirm that God stood in need of any such objects is to deny the perfections of God. Neither is it supernatural common grace, which is called supernatural, as not attainable aggainst the power of nature or free-will; and common, because given both to the elect and non-elect.

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That the Son redeems aginst more than the Father elects is evident from two scriptures. God hath ordained that we should walk in good works Eph.

Antidote Against Arminianism: Christopher Ness: : Books

Christ was chosen as the Head, and we as His members; therefore are we said to be given to Christ. Every thing hath its accomplishment in time, which was decreed to fall out from all eternity. Then God is not omnipotent if crossed in His designs by the work of His own hands.

Christ is the first person elected.

Against the commands of God. There is a general decree that relates to all created beings, both animate and inanimate, celestial and terrestrial; and extends itself to every individual in the whole creation of God. And the apostle was persuaded otherwise of these Hebrews to whom he wrote; he was convinced that their faith was not an historical one, but of the operation of God Col arinianism To the same purport is 1 Corinthians 8 throughout.

God is a free agent, and under no law in giving grace. Write a customer review. That which is the fruit and effect of the Divine decree cannot be the cause of it; and faith, perseverance, etc. Ajtidote this was before there was any difference between him and Esau, for they were both alike in the womb, both conceived in sin. He doth not say half dead, as the man was that fell among thieves Lu I thank God for the ministry of Christopher Ness.

Man, and the will of man, while in an unregenerate state, may be compared to the tied-up colt in Mark A servant of God is like the Jewish servant that was bored through the ear, in token of perpetual servitude Deut.