This poem made me feel a lot of emotions. The trapped bird Rodriguez-Araque gado por diego fajardo · Pembaca. Rodríguez Araque, Alí. Antes de que se me olvide: conversación con Rosa Miriam Elizalde. La Habana: Editora Política. Google Scholar. Chávez first appointed Alí Rodríguez Araque, well-known oil nationalist .. Antes de que se me olvide: conversación con Rosa Miriam Elizalde.

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Wikileaks de Venezuela: así salió el director del canal Globovisión

They all work to destroy the model rodrigurz for that purpose they wage a real war in the mass media front, in the economical front, in the financial front, in the internal political and social desestabilization front.

Gasoline price is less than a penny per liter, way under the production cost, and PDVSA sells his dollars to the Central Bank at an exchange rate roddriguez VEB 10 per dollar till a few weeks ago is was at VEB 6,30both factors rodruguez the oil corporation cash flow in national currency to attend expenses related to investment needed to increase oil production, which means there is no expansion of the oil offer in a near or middle term; 9.

They elect their Speakers that join in Committee to project civil works, pavement of roads, schools, cultural clubs, stadiums, parks, house building and house improvement. It should be a regulated area with open access to the national market.

ZCommunications » What is Socialism Nowadays (IV)

This is something that cannot be dismissed. One of them is: Albeit, none of that diminished the economic war, the sabotage, on the contrary it got worse, overall after the MUD opposition parties organization decided to abandon the dialogue without a public explanation. What I am trying to get at is that in a first phase of the roeriguez of installment of Socialism, you can only have support from a limited number of people prepared to create, induce, enhance and maintain changes; the rest of technical, professional and bureaucratic back up will come out of the same people that for years served in the old system, and probably carry with them the virtues of a third and fourth grade university degree, but also with the vices proper of the capitalist system.

Of course, if this is the case, it is fundamental that the Revolution has to start a process of development with the State contributing with capital, social enterprises organization, technical aarque and others. This way you can act upon inflation as well because you no longer have to print money, you are actually using the same money that is already in circulation.


Years of social segregation of vast portions of the population that left them marginalized from the economical system and in situation of impoverishment was the first enormous problem to face.

Crime has also to be stroked mw energy. Albeit, rodruguez difficulty was overcome and, step wraque step, retired managers, workers, military, all loyal to the Revolution, normalized the situation and defeated the new intent to overthrow President Chavez. Therefore, I will refer aeaque my homeland: Other problems add to the economic core quoted above.

The decrease of currency income harms the import capacity; 8. To determine a space of the economy for the private sector is not an abomination of Socialism.

Wikileaks de Venezuela: así salió el director del canal Globovisión

Do you have to coexist with parties, Non Governmental Organizations and free press, all typical of open society? Difficulties to find in the supermarket shelves certain type of products for personal cleansing like soap, deodorant; 4.

The social monitoring and control of the spending is exercised directly by the community as also by official Comptrollers of the State. We also have anets incipient capacity of social industries related to food production and textiles.

This route has to answer many questions, like: This stimulates people to anxiously keep on searching for a benefit taken from the work of others and in its deviations many people even assume criminal behaviors in order to fill their pockets with money no matter if it is by fraud or plain hold up.

The same year of the opposition -taking advantage of the management control they had over the oil industry PDVSA — staged an oil stoppage that lasted almost three months November and December ofplus most part of January, In Socialism is olvid the contrary but this must not be taken as the suppression of the second over the first.

This never cease, on the contrary were increased with each word of news about the deterioration of the health of President Chavez.

Also, is urgent that we send a clear message to investors of middle size and even big corporations, that we have an area of the economy were they can work without the hazard of being expropriated, this does not mean they are not going to be supervised to control if they abide with the regulations. This environment is not rodroguez floating around whatever country is building a model to change society structures and move away from capitalism, no, it is organized and guided by centers of economic and financial power that have control of governments of USA, Canada and countries of Europe.


Which are the areas em exclusive State industries, which for collective ownership of factories and which for private entrepreneurs? Let us not forget, I insist, that social conscience is determinated by the material conditions of existence, and with it culture and ethics. But we are not talking about a plan that goes down from big goals to details with duration of more than twenty years in order to develop our country and create a Venezuelan Socialism.

Public functionaries, state corporation managers, prosecutors, judges, workers, teachers, professors, students have to do their best to comply with responsibilities with ethical behavior.

We have to build ed penitentiaries, well prepared to receive inmates, to humanize them with education and work. Less revenue of US dollars because the decrease of world oil prices plus the reduction of the oil export national offer because much is used to pay for advanced currency The Chinese Fund ; 7.

The economic conspiracy during those days propitiated the flight of national capitals that could be around two and a half ss of dollars, something that required an exchange currency control that operated fairly well and for the next six straight years the economy grew with vigor.

Is the enlighten vanguard who will take care of everything? I cannot leave behind a word about the defense of the Revolution because we are always thinking about an epical armed struggle against the natural enemies which are the conservative forces and specially the Imperialism.

Corruption and crime must be diminished drastically with the direct action of special police, prosecutors, judges and penitentiaries.