Description. Antaron (Ganex) Sensory is a water dispersible polymer that has a Chemistry of Antaron (Ganex) sensory polymer Antaron/Ganex V Antaron polymers are Ashland’s signature series of skin care film formers, including Antaron V, Antaron V, Antaron VF, Antaron WP, and . ANTARON V F. Presentation. DESCRIPTION Copolymers of vinylpyrrolidone and long-chain a-olefins. PROPERTIES Antaron V/WP grades are excellent.

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The copolymers comprising N-vinylpyrrolidone and a hydrophobically modified acrylic acid derivative used for the improvement according to the invention of the water resistance of a cosmetic formulation are known in principle. The cosmetic formulation whose water resistance can be improved according to the present invention is preferably a formulation which can be applied to the skin, the hair, antxron eyelashes or aantaron eyebrows, such as, for example, a skincare composition for the face, the hands, the feet or the body, an antiaging formulation, a sunscreen.

Ashland makes their documentation available in the regions indicated below: We’ve been approved by approved business.

antron The cosmetic formulation may be present in various forms, such as, for example, as spray, emulsion, lotion, gel, liquid, g220, wax, paste, powder or cream. Water-resistant cosmetic formulations comprising a hydrophobically modified vinylpyrrolidone copolymer Description The present invention relates to the use of copolymers comprising N-vinylpyrrolidone and a hydrophobically modified acrylic acid derivative as means for improving the water resistance of a cosmetic formulation, and to the use of these antaon in sunscreen compositions for increasing the sun protection factor, and furthermore the present invention relates to cosmetic formulations comprising these copolymers.

Increasing the sun protection factor of a cosmetic formulation which comprises at least one Antarkn filter by adding a substance which is not a UV filter offers the possibility of reducing the amount of UV filters in a sunscreen composition without simultaneously also lowering the UV protection performance.

We’re sorry, but the industry you have selected is not currently available in your chosen language. EP 0 proposes polymers and copolymers based on a Ci-C3o- meth acrylic acid ester which are able to improve the water resistance and wet abrasion resistance of a cosmetic formulation. Typical examples of fats are glycerides; waxes to be mentioned are inter alia beeswax, paraffin wax or microwaxes, if appropriate in combination with hydrophilic waxes.


Thus, besides the copolymer increasing the water resistance according to antxron invention, a preferred cosmetic formulation in the form of a sunscreen antaaron comprises at least one of the aforementioned UV filters. These two copolymers are oil-soluble, Antaron V being a viscous liquid and Antaron V being a waxy solid. This means that the addition of copolymer 1 leads to an increase in the sun protection factor.

The copolymers used according to the invention for improving the water resistance of a cosmetic formulation are usually used in such a concentration in the cosmetic formulation as is required in order to achieve the desired effect antaro the desired degree. The following cosmetic formulations are prepared by the person skilled in the art in a known manner. Retailer Compliance No retailer information is available at this time.

The stroke of formulation B9 still firmly adhered to the plate.

Antaron™ V-220 (Ganex™ V-220) polymer

Oil-in-water or multiple emulsion with high concentration of suspended ultra-violet B filter. Consequently, within the context of the invention, very particular preference is given to antioxidants which penetrate into the human skin and efficiently develop their effect therein, and thus in the case of sunscreen formulations, in a certain sense.

Ashland develops and produces a comprehensive line of biofunctionals, fixative and styling polymers, bioadhesives, and rheology and conditioning polymers for the Personal Care industry. Finally, in principle also further substances known per se which contribute to increasing water resistance may be added to the cosmetic formulation.

Rapid water resistance test With the help of an eyeliner applicator, a stroke of each of the formulations V15, V16 and B9 was made on a glass plate as is customarily made on the eyelid. The use of copolymers according to claim 1where the hydrophobically modified acrylic acid derivative is an acrylic acid ester or methacrylic acid ester of the formula I.


Finally, the pigments phase D were stirred in using a stirrer for 10 min. Nov Who protects hair and skin from the effects of urban living?

Antaron™ V-220F (Ganex™ V-220F) polymer

EP 0 proposes the use of copolymers comprising N-vinylpyrrolidone and a long-chain alkyl ester of meth acrylic acid as matrix material for producing solid pharmaceutical and cosmetic administration forms, v2220 as, for example, tablets. The cosmetic formulations may be transparent or nontransparent and be present in the following types or forms: Formulation B7 containing copolymer 1 has a still larger anharon angle than formulation V12 containing Antaron V and is therefore yet more water- resistant.

The contact angle of the formulation is the average calculated from the three plates. Particularly preferred make-up compositions are eyeliners, lipstick or mascara.

Antaron™ V (Ganex™ V) polymer by Ashland – Personal Care & Cosmetics

The measured contact angle allows a statement to be made about the hydrophobic property of a formulation. The copolymers used in the use according to the invention can be incorporated without problems during the preparation of the cosmetic formulation either into the aqueous phase or into the oil phase.

After the initial weighing, using the index finger, which is covered with a single-use fingerstall made of latex and saturated beforehand anaron the formulation, the formulation is spread evenly on the plate and rubbed antarom using small circular movements. Copolymer 1 is prepared in accordance with the process described in example 5 of EP patent 1 A1 firstly in the form of an aqueous dispersion, and is then obtained as a dry and pourable powder as a result of spray-drying as in the example of EP patent 1 A1.

The amount of the aforementioned antioxidants one or more compounds in the preparations is preferably 0. Are you a distributor who is interested in being listed here?