Anna Bolena is a tragic opera (tragedia lirica) in two acts composed by Gaetano Donizetti. Felice Romani wrote the Italian libretto after Ippolito Pindemonte’s. Enrico. VIII, re d’Inghilterra [ ♂ ]. basso [ Filippo Galli, ♂ ]. Anna. Bolena, moglie di Enrico VIII [ ♀ ]. soprano [ Giuditta Pasta, ♀ ]. Giovanna. Seymour, damigella. Anna Bolena Libretto Series: Opera Composer: Gaetano Donizetti Inventory #HL ISBN: UPC: Publisher Code.

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Viltade alla Regina sua!

My fate is sealed; every attempt to escape it is vain. Act 1 Top Act 2. Assurance was given of your innocence a long time ago by one who being nourished and brought up with you knew the purity of your spirit.

E fia pur vero che di me pensier vi prese! I defy the powerful fear.

Anna Bolena – Wikipedia

It learnt to be silent when on the English throne a Queen had to surrender her place to you. Hearing that she is to be executed, they choose to be executed also. Smeton is in the cortege. I will leave, but first tell me, will I see you? He says that both Anna and Percy will die. They want to throw themselves at each other. Tutti gli astanti si dispongono in due file.


Numerous people come and go on every side: The hand which when I was banished gave me back my homeland and old home, Boldna kiss in devotion…. By how many adverse evil fates is the English throne afflicted. Presso a te mi fia contento il soffrir ed il penar. Giovanna Seymour Jane SeymourAnna’s lady-in-waiting. In this farewell there remains to you my love and my pity.

From your most tender years you were mine, you know it; you betrayed me; wretch that I am I loved you even though unfaithful. The hand which when I was banished gave me back my homeland and old home, I kiss in devotion…. Wretch, what hope now seduces you?

I dare not raise my eyes to her, nor can I make bold to speak. A room in the castle which leads into the rooms of Anna. She also made studio recordings of all three operas. The King awaits me…the altar is lit up and bedecked with flowers. Enrico enters into the Counsel chamber. Ei mi consuma il core! A park in Windsor castle. Livretto appresso poss’io trovarmi, o cielo. Behold the true accuser of his bold betrayal. In questo mentre gli si presenta Anna inmezzo alle sue damigelle.

Anna Bolena – Gaetano Donizetti – Libretto in English –

A rival of mine happy! And innocent I believed you to be, since thus you seemed to her… All the kingdom, believe me, was surety for you in vain. Let the crown with which she coveted for her blena be of thorns; in growing fury. It is glory, the love of Henry Bolenx thus it was for Anna in the eyes of all of England. He confessed a crime which makes one tremble and blush.


He plays for a while then sings the following ballad.

Anna Bolena

annq That she is unhappy? Sul suo capo aggravi un Dio il suo braccio punitore. It is vain to wait in hope any more that the King will come now. The afflicted lady weeps…Alas!

Could I give you joy? Anna e detti, indi Hervey con soldati. Va’, confessa gli antichi tuoi nodi; non temer ch’io li voglia disciolti.

Henry enters into the Counsel chamber.

Non la man d’Enrico. It would be better for you now if you were able to die. Hear it, all of you. I feel like I’m dying… Ah! The first blow has descended; the one who stuck it hides himself.

New York’s Metropolitan Opera mounted it for the first time in Septemberopening the company’s season, with Netrebko and with David McVicar directing.