On Fridays at the Buddha Center in Second Life the sangha has been learning about and discussing aspects of the Angulimala Sutta. This talk arose from the. ANGULIMALA SUTTA. uyyojanna. parittam yam bhanantassa,. nisinnatthanadhovanam;. udakampi vinaseti,. sabbameva parissayam. At that time in King Pasenadi’s kingdom of Kosala there was a robber named Angulimala. He was fierce, with bloody hands, engaged in killing living beings.

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He is fierce, with bloody hands, has no compassion for living things, destroys, hamlets, villages and states. These recluses, the sons of the Sakyas talk the truth and are established in the truth: Yet there is a robber in my kingdom, by the name Angulimala, fierce, bloody handed, without compassion for living things.

Some will be easy to make, others will be complicated taking much thought and debate. At that time venerable Angulimala was seated close to the Blessed One, and the Blessed One stretched his right and said, to king Pasenadi of Kosala: Intro Movie Buddha Center. Then the Blssed One knowing that king Pasenadi of Kosala was shivering with fear and that his hairs were standing on end, said thus: At that time venerable Angulimala was a dependent on morsel food, a forest dweller, a rag robe wearer and confined to three robes.

Went as far as could be reached in that conveyance and approached the Blessed One, on foot. So the lad killed many men to cut the fingers which he made a garland hanging around his neck. Since then the Burmese people used to bless the water by reciting this paritta of three stanzas and sprinkle on the head of the pregnant woman who is having difficulty in child-birth.

Then venerable Angulimala agreed went to Savatthi approached that woman and told her. Yet while walking why did he say, I have stopped and Angulimala you too stop! Confused, but always the respectful and dutiful person, Ahimsaka returns to Kosala, goes into the forest of Jalini and embarks on a murderous quest as Angulimala. Great king that is Angulimala. Even the water that rinsed the seat of the Elder who recited this discourse of protection did eradicate all the dangerous difficulties.


Lord, there is a robber Angulimala, in the kingdom. Then king Pasenadi of Kosala getting up from his seat, worshipped and circumambulated the Blessed One, and went away. When the robber saw the Buddha, he changed his mind from chasing his own mother and attempted to seize the Buddha.

The Angulimala Sutta

This choice protected Angulimala from the system of social justice of that time and culture. Approaching the Blessed One worshipped and sat on a side. He was educated at the Taxila university and the Rector asked him to collect one thousand fingers as a gratifying test. This is the moral foundation that arises from the Three Pure Precepts, the intent to act angulimals loving-kindness no matter the circumstances.

When this was said the Blessed One went on, silently.

The teacher anuglimala him that only by doing so will Ahimsaka benefit from all the hard work and study he has done. So, Angulimala, murderer and terrorist undergoes a miraculous change to a harmless bhikkhu.

The Angulimala Sutta ยป The Buddha Center

Each choice was made interdependent of the encompassing factors of culture, perceptions and dispositions. Hearing this, Mantani, the mother of the robber, hurried to her son to warn him.

Earlier I was known as Angulimala with bloody hands, look at the refuge the leader of being is destroyed. There is nothing for you to fear from Angulimala.

My enemies, listen to the Teaching, be yoked to the Dispensation of the Blessed One. Up to this point in the parable choices were made by the father and mother giving him a harmless name and opportunities to succeedthe king when the father offers to have his son killed the king declinesAhimsaka first choosing to be good, later choosing to do badhis fellow students negative actionsand the teacher first being supportive, later believing lies and manipulating Ahimsaka.

In moment-to-moment life we are each faced with decisions. Then Angulimala withdrawn from the crowd, secluded and diligent for dispelling abode and before long for whatever reason sons of clansmen rightfully leave the household and become homeless, that noble end of the holy life he here and now knowing realized and abode.


Print this Page The Angulimala Sutta. Brahmin, bear the results of your actions here and now. Ahimsaka performs angulimzla as a student, becomes a favorite of his teacher which causes the arising of fear, anger and hatred in his fellow students.

What would you do to him? Now we have much work to do, we would go. He has destroyed complete villages, complete hamlets and even states.

Choices interdependent on culture, context and dispositions; choices whose determination have a firm foundation in moral acceptance and situationally ethical actions. Yet venerable sir, how could such virtues come to evil doers, like him?


Venerable Angulimala experienced the pleasantness of release in his seclusion, and then these verses occurred to him:. He used skillful means to get King Pasenadi to publicly state his intention to do no harm to a disciple of the Buddha. Angulomala usually it works well. My enemies, with patience and aversion dispelled, listen to the Teaching and live according to the Teaching. Then king Pasenadi of Kosala was shivering with fear and his hairs stood angulimal end.

The Blessed One performed such a psychic intention, that the robber Angulimala pursuing the Blessed One with all his strength would not reach the Blessed One.

He speaks of the murderer Angulimala and how he has been unable to subdue him. First posted on But the Buddha performed a miracle so that the chasing robber could angulijala catch up with the slowly walking Buddha.

Earlier when I was a hurter, my name was non-hurter, now am true to my name I do not hurt anyone.

The robber Angulimala saw the Blessed One coming in the distance and it occurred to him: Indeed beings are defiled.