Liife and works of Indian architect Ar. Ananth Raje. EARLY LIFE: ANANT DAMODAR RAJE 2 He was born on September in Bombay. This Presentation discusses the life, career and works of Ar. Anant Raje- authorSTREAM Presentation. Edited by Shubhra Raje and Amita Raje. A few years before his death in , Anant Raje had begun to assemble a draft of his works – published and.

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Anant Raje, revered architect, teacher, intellectual and perfectionist. Light could anat the character of a particular space or structure that enclosed this space. Renzo Piano Building Workshop’s first residential project in Miami is almost complete. Indian architectural fraternity needs no introduction to Anant Raje Presentation Description This Presentation discusses the life, career and works of Ar. These include both built and unbuilt works and competition entries.

Each project is extensively illustrated with photographs, models, drawings, sketches and reflections by the architect. After six months of becoming acquainted with Kahn, Raje was invited by the former to work in his office in Philadelphia. Nishita Kedia The project restates time tested premises of the court and garden, fundamental to most Islamic architecture in India.

Lecture 9- Contemporary Architecture- Anant Raje |authorSTREAM

Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. He was visiting faculties at many prestigious Schools of Architecture the world over. Professional work in Ahmedabad In the last essay Raje wrote, “Kahn would often talk about light, how light defines and characterizes space. All great architects look for guidance from other great architects, and Raje was an exception to this. Anant Raje was a man of few words – as most of his students and colleagues know it.

Working on construction of the Indian Institute of Business Workw Building complex with Louis I Kahn, as his representative to develop design details and organize aannt office in Ahmedabad Later he became the honorary Director of the School of Architecture, Ahmedabad CEPT rsje the period of his independent practice.


Raje worked there from to in close association with the master architect. A close perusal of the above buildings reveals that there was a very thin line separating the two geniuses, or we may call it – ‘there was one soul in two bodies – Louis Kahn and Anant Raje’.

So, there is nothing wrong if Raje is considered as Louis Kahn of India because he richly deserves that nomenclature. Prominent among these are: Has accommodation facility in 64 air-conditioned furnished double rooms with a separate dining hall, a reading lounge, classrooms and a Computer Lab PowerPoint Presentation: The natural vegetation is wild grass, which has been allowed to grow, augmented by rows and clumps of trees.

In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation. Choosing to work for and with Kahn, instead of studying with him provided a clue to a personal orientation towards a pragmatic orientation towards architecture. Yet it is an order enriched by the patina of materials he chooses and his sensitivity of light.

Has accommodation facility in 64 air-conditioned furnished double rooms with a separate dining hall, a reading raaje, classrooms and a Computer Lab.

His works had indeed a softness and quality of transcendence PowerPoint Presentation: These preoccupations of Louis Kahn were the lessons learned. His works had indeed a softness and quality of transcendence. Notwithstanding the inconsistent write-ups of the projects, the illustrations speak for themselves and convey their meanings to wworks architects in their own language.

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Aparna World School

Doshiin Ahmedabad working on numerous projects PowerPoint Presentation: The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. The rooms, arcade and porch, are made from a simple vocabulary of trabeated and arcuated construction, with the walls clad with stone screed in shades of green and yellow grey that establishes a close rapport with the ajant.

Raje worked there from to in close association with the master architect. Before starting work on the project Kahn wanted to meet the local architects to understand type of building, climatic conditions, the Indian way of life and similar topics.

Anant Raje

Light itself would say ‘this is the domed room and not a flat-roofed room’, or an arch, or a vault. Doshiin Ahmedabad working on numerous projects. If the disciplines of the mind are underpinnings of all his work, it is his excellent understanding of the elements rajee building, and the laws of construct, that give it the sense of ordered presence.


Unlike many other monographs which are produced for the sole aim of recording the finished works of the architects, this book laid emphasis on the process of development of projects and the journey of the architect through the medium of sketching, xnant, drawings, detailing and photographs. These are grouped under the broad themes such as: School of Fine Arts, Mumbai Kahn in Philadelphia Upload from Desktop Single File Upload.

Thereafter he established his own practice “Anant Raje Architects” in Ahmedabad but his association with Louis Kahn continued till his death in March Henning Larsen Architects complete new housing complex with “striking wavy silhouette” in Denmark. You do rzje have the permission to view this presentation.

In the office wotks Prof. Lecture 9- Contemporary Architecture- Anant Raje nishitakedia He was a revered architect, teacher, intellectual and perfectionist. Its location on the campus encourages and facilitates interaction between participants and the faculty.

As a result, his philosophy, ideas and thinking process have not been translated into words and recorded in the print media. It was Louis Kahn who had profound influence on Anant Raje.

For wnant, it is a frozen history of modern architecture in India in post-independence period. Foreword to the book has been written by renowned architectural historian William J.

The long awaited monograph – ” Anant Raje Architect – Selected Works ” has been published only after his demise, thanks to the untiring efforts of Shubhra Raje and Amita Raje.