‘Entering Banana Yoshimoto’s fictional world is a little like living as an expatriate in Tokyo-everyday things are disconcertingly different. The exotic lurks around. Amrita [Banana Yoshimoto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After losing her beautiful younger sister, a celebrated actress, to suicide. Amrita [Banana Yoshimoto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A celebrated actress who has died in mysterious and shocking circumstances.

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It touches more on relationships: Yoshimoto’s writing has that strange and beautiful quali Maybe 3. It is not necessarily boring, rather, not interesting. It may be about family and los The main character of this Yoshimoto book is quite similar to all of her novels: It abounds with mystical powers, ghosts, mind reading, and unexplained events.

On my i-Pod on shuffle mode for a changesongs came and went: Honestly, for me, there is almost nothing new or nothing to like in this book. There is a cycle of events, emotions and thoughts which doesn’t really have a ‘story’ that has a beginning and en Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto is one of those books that is a terror to summarize.

Want to Read saving…. View all 3 comments. I thought it would take me forever to finish reading this book as I lost tracks a hundred times and still managed to find out what the title “Amrita” has anything related to the character.

These outlandish events are interjected between scene after scene of repetitive daily routines — the ballast of normalcy weighing down the flights of fancy. Towards the end of the novel, Sakumi is also bsnana to quench her thirst by drinking in everyday occurrences – the water of life.


During that time, she took the pseudonym “Banana” after her love of banana flowers, a name she recognizes as both “cute” and “purposefully androgynous. The story seems like an extended version of her first novel Kitchenthe novel that made her a household name not only in Japan but in most parts of the world.

Banana Yoshimoto’s magical realist rumination on life and death

I remembered loving Kitchenso when I saw this book was on sale, I couldn’t resist. Not amria or bad, just different. People seem to like Banana’s books for her writing style — oddly enough, that’s exactly what I dislike about this one [and, now that I think of it, I didn’t much like it in Kitchenyoshimooto. This loss of memory, however, is a catalyst for Sakumi to re-examine her life and relationships: Yoshimoto’s writing has that strange and beautiful quality as always. I rant to myself too sometimes just like Sakumi did, or probably I just got hypnotized by Mesmer.

Tony’s Reading List: 63 – ‘Amrita’ by Banana Yoshimoto

I have the vague sense amriat I am entering another realm when I read this book. It was about daily life and what’s happening around. It may be more “real” to have a character ylshimoto contradict herself, but it makes for really annoying reading when those contradictions happen in the same paragraph, over and over and over.

Como siempre, leer a Yoshimoto es como reencontrarse con una vieja amiga. The story is supposed to be about the way life turns on itself; the eb I feel a need to defend this book At least, you can say that she has that humility of accepting the fact that what she wrote a “trashy” book.


Books like this make me feel even more grateful for being able to see and read; books like banaana are the reason why I chose a profession like mine: Banana YoshimotoJapan. All the characters are so well drawn that they will keep living after this particular window closes. In all, a life affirming novel ykshimoto some odd quirks.

I am, as anyone who read my last post closely enough would know, thirty-four years old and will turn thirty-five very soon. This book was a total pleasure, and I find myself wishing that I could have this book accompany me in life to pick up whenever I want to connect with that supernatural world! Mar 04, Beata Bowen rated it did not like it Shelves: There is no judgment, and the characters live together in a fluid dance; when they talk their words slice through the truth and these truths are accepted and acknowledged.

I was mesmerized when he told Sakumi that he met Mayu like what else can you do, kiddo? I did not find any appeal in the story or the author’s banaha to narration.

I have not actually lived in Japan but from the business associates I had in my previous work, this behavior of the mother seems not common in their rigid and disciplined culture. Newer Post Older Post Home. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. Across from me, a group of students were talking and laughing, generally being young and happy.