Ammonius, while giving a critique of previous discussions. A significant feature of the situation of Ammonius Saccas, Leiden, ). But this gives rise to some. Ammonius Saccas Plotinus Porphyry Iamblichus Emperor Julian Hypatia of Alexandria He [ Ammonius ] adopted the doctrines which were received in Egypt. Ammonius Saccas (Greek: Ἀμμώνιος Σακκᾶς; fl. 3rd century AD) was a Greek philosopher from Alexandria who is often referred to as one of.

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His admirers credited him with having reconciled the quarrels of the two great schools.

Ammonius Saccas – Encyclopedia

Views Read Edit View history. This conversion is contested by the Christian writers Jerome and Eusebiuswho state that Ammonius remained a Christian throughout his lifetime:. Like Ammonius, Socrates B. The friend, understanding the desire of his heart, sent saaccas to Ammonius, whom he had not so far tried. Accordingly, we have no direct evidence of his philosophical beliefs. And Ammonius held the divine philosophy unshaken and unadulterated to the end of his life.

Ammonius fell from a life of piety wmmonius heathen customs. Influenced OrigenPlotinus. Ammonius Ammonius, Hoffer had very little formal education; his education came from his life experiences not the classroom. Focusing on the underlying thought behind the texts, Ammonius left aside doctrines forged by later philosophers, points of detail, and also certain flaws of the philosophers themselves, and reached an understanding of Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy as a whole, concluding that their basic doctrines are essentially the same.

Ammonius Saccas – Wikipedia

Ammonius was a charismatic teacher. When Gordian was killed in Mesopotamia, it was only with great difficulty that Plotinus came off safe to Antioch.


The unequivocal disagreement between Porphyry and Eusebius on these two important issues provides support for believing that there may have been two different men: Two of Ammonius’s students – Origen the Paganand Longinus – seem to have held philosophical positions which were closer to Middle Platonism than Neoplatonism, which perhaps suggests that Ammonius’s doctrines were also closer to those of Middle Platonism than the Neoplatonism developed by Plotinus see the Enneadsbut Plotinus does not seem sacas have thought that he was departing in any significant way from that of his master.

The International Society for Neoplatonic Studies pp.

Ammonius was mamonius a sack carrier working on the docks of Alexandria, while Socrates was an Athenian stonemason. He also established a system of moral discipline which allowed the people in general to live according to the laws of their country and the dictates of nature; but required the wise to exalt their minds by contemplation and to mortify the body.

Both men were philosophers of the highest level; however; Hoffer wrote mostly about social issues while Ammonius mostly taught metaphysics. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

Platonists on Aristotle from Antiochus to PorphyryPage Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

As an example of this absurdity take a man whom I eaccas when I was young, and who was then greatly celebrated and still is, on account of the writings which he has left. The Schools of the Imperial Age. Also, both Ammonius and Socrates originally held relatively menial occupations.

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Porphyry falsely accused him [Ammonius] of having become a heathen again, after being a Christian, but it is certain that he continued a Christian until the very end of his life.

This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat For he was continually studying Plato, and he busied himself with the writings of Numenius and CroniusApollophanesLonginusModeratusand Nicomachusand those famous among the Pythagoreans.

Ammonius Saccas | Neoplatonic philosopher |

We do not know which these doctrines were, but I have proposed that one such doctrine was that Plato and Aristotle maintain that there is only one God, that is, an intellect which accounts for both the intelligible and the sensible reality and this principle summarizes the entire intelligible realm, on the assumption that the sacccas Forms constitute the divine thoughts.

Influences AammoniusAristotle. Based on the above we have two major issues between Porphyry and Eusebius: Origen the Christianand Origen the Pagan.

ammonihs I have two other comments: But this interpretation has been rejected. This confusion in identity may be due to the fact that Ammonius taught both Plotinus the Neoplatonist and Origen the Christian; later scholars on both sides wrote their own opinions about Ammonius, ignorant of the historical context in which the man lived. According to Nemesiusa bishop and Neoplatonist c.

In my view, the relationship of Plotinus to Ammonius is strongly reminiscent of the relationship of Plato to Socrates!