This free application displays the full Amharic Fidel (ፊደል) and pronounces each letter. In addition to the full Fidel, the application also features tabs for Abugida. uh*, oo, ee, aa/a, ae/ay, eh, O. h. ሀ. ha. ሁ. hu. ሂ. hee. ሃ. haa. ሄ. hae. ህ. heh. ሆ. ho. l. ለ. le. ሉ. lu. ሊ. lee. ላ. la. ሌ. lay. ል. leh. ሎ. lo. h. ሐ. ha. ሑ. hu. ሒ. hee. ሓ. haa. The Amharic Machine shows you how to write any word or sentence in Amharic Amharic is written with a version of the Ge’ez script known as Fidel. There is.

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The fudel plural employs vowel quality or apophony to pluralize words, similar to English man vs. When the subject or object in such sentences is emphasized, an independent pronoun is used: For arguments of the verb other than the subject or the object, there are two separate sets of related suffixes, one with a benefactive meaning toforthe other with an adversative or locative meaning againstto the detriment ofonat.

Morphemes such as -llat and amharuc in these examples will be referred to in this article as prepositional object pronoun suffixes because they correspond to prepositional phrases such as for her and on herto distinguish them from the direct object pronoun suffixes such as -at ‘her’.

The dawn of the computer age saw pioneers such as Dr. Journal of African Languages and Linguistics. In a possessive construction, the adjective takes the definite article, cidel the noun takes the pronominal possessive suffix, e.

Amharic language edition of Wikipediathe free encyclopedia. Subscription or UK public library membership required. The Ethiopian amuaric is not strictly speaking an alphabet, but ficel is called a syllabary.


Utilizing less keystrokes when typing in the Ethiopian alphabet has always remained a challenge for Ethiopian software engineers and inventors.

The Amharic examples in the sections below use one system that is common, though not universal, among linguists specialising in Ethiopian Semitic languages.

Ethiopic is an excellent phonetic syllabary, with the added advantage of not being affected by spelling errors common with the Latin alphabet.

The gerund can be used as an adverb: The external plural consists of adding the suffix -an usually masculine or -at usually feminine to the singular form. Amharic is a pro-drop language: The fidep plural forms are sometimes used to form new plurals, but this is cidel considered grammatical in more established cases.

The adjective and the noun together are called the ‘adjective noun complex’. Along with the infinitive and the present participle, the gerund is one of three non-finite verb forms.

Amharic Alphabet

Amharic is the second most spoken Semitic language in the world, after Arabic, and the “official working” language of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms amhzric Use and Privacy Policy. As in most other Ethiopian Semitic languagesgemination is contrastive in Amharic. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

In general, if the object is definite, possessed, or a proper noun, the accusative must be used Leslau As in the plural, morphophonological alternations occur depending on the final consonant or vowel.

There are thirty three basic shapes. Want to know how to write your name in Amharic? Amharic has a further set of morphemes that are suffixed to nouns, signalling possession: Not much has been published about Amharic dialect differences. The World’s Major Languages. Click here to find out!

Ge’ez script Amharic syllabary Ge’ez Braille. Arabic Literary Classical Modern Standard. Wikivoyage has travel information for Amharic phrasebook. Molla create programs rendering each glyph of the alphabet with only two keystrokes. Retrieved 6 February Many Rastafarians learn Amharic as a second language, didel they consider it to be sacred. Retrieved 8 December In Amharic, as in other Semitic languages, the same distinctions appear in three other places in cidel grammar. There are also separate demonstratives for formal reference, comparable to the formal personal pronouns: This section needs to be fkdel.


There are just too many characters to fit on a normal keyboard. This property of the writing system is analogous to the vowels of Arabic and Hebrew or the tones of many Bantu languages, which are not normally indicated in writing. When enumerating adjectives using -nna ‘and’, both adjectives take the definite article: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage.

Ethiopian Alphabet: Amharic Letters and the Alphabet in Ethiopia — allaboutETHIO

The 33 shapes are changed to point out a different vowel which follows the base consonant. In the case of an indefinite plural adjective noun complex, ifdel noun is plural and the adjective may be used in singular or in plural form.

This is because these fidel originally represented distinct sounds, but phonological changes merged them. Although it has been tried, there is no standardized method of writing down the Amharic language into the Latin. Amharic has special words that can be used to indicate the gender of people and animals.

Retrieved 4 March Since then, the character set of about glyphs has been standardized by Unicode, a organization that provides a xmharic number for each character. Retrieved 10 August