Every American has heard stories of Eastern European and Southern European immigration to the United States in the late nineteenth and. Listen as master storyteller Linda Tate reads Anzia Yezierska’s autobiographical essay, “America and I.” Learn more at. America and IAnzia Yezierska Author BiographyPlot Anzia Yezierska, known as the “Queen of the Ghetto” or “The Immigrant Cinderella,” became a.

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American Women Prose Writers, — Contributions to the Study of AmericaN Literature. By the s her books fell out of popularity. Many Jewish critics reproved Yezierska for her rendering of immigrant speech patterns, which they felt made immigrants sound ignorant. When the shop gets busier, however, Yezierska is asked to work longer hours. As the narrative style underscores, Yezierska glorifies everything American: As the cities became increasingly crowded, yszierska officials found themselves unable to keep up with demands for housing and social services.

Anzia Yezierska

Her fictionalized autobiography, Red Ribbon on a White Horsewas published when she was nearly 70 years old.

Frustrated znzia the shallowness of Hollywood and by her own alienation, Yezierska returned to New York in the mids. No longer believing that marriage and family was the ultimate goal in her life, many women asserted their independence and challenged traditional ways of looking at their roles and behaviors.

She underscores the injustice that Jewish women experienced working at menial jobs, while Jewish men stayed aniza and studied classical Jewish texts. Play in new window Download. They are motivated by greed and will use whatever means to gain their profit. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.


Anzia Yezierska

A city-planning movement also grew with the goal of halting the spread of slums and beautifying the city. This outstanding, award-winning museum was created when construction workers uncovered a boarded-up, untouched tenement building. She moved to California for a second time, but realizing that she could not write away from home, she returned to New York within the year.

This story of longing and silence becomes their story. Shortly after, she married Arnold Levitas in a religious ceremony to avoid legal complications. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. She gets a job at a sweatshop sewing on buttons. She emigrated as a child with her parents to the United States, and lived in the immigrant neighborhood of the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Unlike the wave amerca immigrants the United States had seen in the mids, the majority of these so-called new immigrants came from countries in southern or eastern Europe. Yezierska visits a vocational counselor so she can find out what kind of job will allow her to express the way she feels inside. They snd up housing in the Lower East Side, Manhattan. She works long hours in a sweatshop but still earns only enough money to provide herself the barest of sustenance.

Overwhelmed with the chores and responsibilities of raising her daughter, she gave up her maternal rights and transferred the girl to Levitas.

Home About Why Stories? In Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume Edited by Sharon M. Yezierska leaves the family immediately, without a penny and having lost her trust for any Americanized immigrants.


Through her writing, Yezierska helps to bridge that gap and helps to shape the ever-changing culture of America. Whatever the reasons, Yezierska chooses not to explain them. This was a culture that did not and would not accept all the ways of the Old World, especially one immediately visible—dress.

Her works feature elements of realism with attention to detail; she aznia has characters express themselves in Yeaierska dialect. However, after her death inher books became well-known once more, as feminists reclaimed lost female writers. Yezierska was the aunt of American film critic Cecelia Ager. She soon discovers she is mistaken.

Frederick Ungar Publishing Co. Skip to main content. The generation of immigrants of which Yezierska was a part is no exception. She later reclaimed her original name, Anzia Yezierska, in her yezierskka twenties. As an eager newcomer, Yezierska has grand dreams of what she will find in America; to Yezierska and the millions of ydzierska like her, America stands in marked contrast to Russia.

StoryWeb Storytime for Grownups. It was the last novel Yezierska published before falling into obscurity. She began writing it in at the age of The Pilgrims came to present-day Massachusetts to find the freedom to practice their religion. Yezierska’s stories explore classic immigrant themes.