Amercoat is a solvent-based, self-curing inorganic topcoat used over most Dimetcote® surfaces to provide a uniform color and excellent resistance to. Typical Uses. Amercoat can be used as a topcoat on Dimetcote zinc silicate primers in the chemical and petrochemical, marine, offshore. SAFETY DATA SHEET. This Safety Data Sheet is prepared in accordance with Annex II to Regulation (EC) No. / AMERCOAT

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Avoid fast stirring as this may causea rise in material temperature and moisture entrainment,shortening pot life and causing gelling. Its robust properties make it the ideal coating for premium performance in new construction applications.

Click on the link below to see our latest events calendar. See our recent coating projects…. Limitation of LiabilityAmeron’s liability on any claim of any kind, includingclaims based upon Ameron’s negligence or strict liability,for any loss or damage arising out of, connected with, orresulting from the use of the products, shall in no caseexceed the purchase price allocable to the products orpart thereof which give rise to the claim. This smart system for dry cargo holds has a unique chemistry that maximizes technical performance and offers a commercially sound solution for spot and full repairs.

In transmission, a pronounced directional component is shown by an etched glass plate. When dry through, check film thickness with a nondestructivedry film thickness gauge. Improper storage can result inmoisture contamination which will either shorten potlife or result in gelling beforeshelf life expires.

Case Studies At the link below you will find a number of case studies on our marine products, but this website also carries case studies on projects we have carried out in the following sectors: Only a flat PTFE sheet and two white temperature resistant paints show a distinct directional reflectance component or a higher deviation from Lambertian property.


This system is designed to resist corrosion that can occur overextended periods of downtime, while providing excellent resis-tance to high temperatures associated with exhaust systemsfor gas turbines during times of operation.

See our recent coating projects… Coatings that Protect and Perform Pacific Southwest Coatings specializes in performance coating solutions for corrosion, abrasion, extended life cycle performance, marine, offshore, chemical containment, biological containment, high temperature, fire protection and commercial architectural specialty applications.

Sign in or create your free personal ASME account. Discard desiccant bag from powder can and gradually stirpowder into liquid. Excessive thickness will diminish theservice life of the coating system. However, when recommendationscontained herein differ from those specified in Amerons pub-lished literature, e. Consult Code of Federal Regulations Title 29, Labor,parts and concerning occupational safety andhealth standards and regulations, as well as any otherapplicable federal, state and local regulations on safe prac-tices in coating operations.

Whether your needs are for high grade finish slip resistant walking surfaces or floors that must stand up to heavy physical or chemical abuse, Pacific Southwest has the coating systems that will meet your requirements.

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These new waterborne thin-film intumescent coatings for up to minutes cellulosic fire protection have been tested and certified to the latest international standards and comply with the most stringent environmental regulations. Not for residen-tial use. For low temperatures 60F amercat below orwhen experiencing slow drying, use 2 oz.

Proper ventilation and protec-tive measures must be provided during application anddrying to keep spray mists and vapor concentrationswithin safe limits and to protect against toxic hazards. Do notexceed 4 mils dry film thickness. Totalsystem Dry Film thickness in excess of 8 mils mincrons may result incracking, which will reduce the service life of the coating system. Stir material thoroughly to a uniform consistency. Round off all rough weldsand sharp edges, remove weld spatter.


Amercoat Packaging 1 and 5 gallon containersShipping weight approx. 71 mainly all of the coatings or ameercoat materials were selected with respect to sufficient thermal stability, the good Lambertian diffusers are able to meet the requirements of high flux density measurement.

Technical Data Sheets – Industrial

In confined areas, ventilate with clean air during application anddrying until all solvents are removed. Precision Coatings utilizes high grade resins and anercoat grade pigments to produce extended life cycle finishes that meet the needs of architects, designers and specifiers.

A finefinish tip 0. A water mist sprayed over the coating when the film isdry to touch will accelerate hardening at lower humidities. Keep amercpat loosely covered during use to preventskinning or gelling due to moisture in air. Flush all equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12 cleaner to See manufacture date on container label. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.

Thinning is not normally required; if needed for workability thin upto 12 pint with Amercoat 65 per gallon of Amercoat All you need to read in the other amercot jounals BMJ ; Recently, Lambertian transmitting diffusers have also found application. Variationin environment, changes in procedures of use, or extrapo-lation of data may cause unsatisfactory results.

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