DESIGNED TO GO WHEREVER INSPIRATION TAKES YOU The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the world’s most popular bird-inspired RC glider. I probably shouldn’t be posting this before the maiden but whatever Blues Alula is just to sexy. Sexy and very time consuming to build/sand so. Just built myself a little micro glider, its based on a popular Alula DLG. Its a fun little plane to trow around the backyard. My friend recorded

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I will be looking for slopes also. Originally Posted by Al Shibli. I broke one landing in the gravelish hill.

I don’t think that the Packing tape would last long without allua I was thinking if doing something like yours, but instead of glass use 2 coats of thinned goop on the LE and fuse and leaving the rest uncovered epp.

Foamy Alula – Scratch Build. Now If only the wind will go in the right direction I will be off.

Alula Evo – build and first thoughts

I pland up permanently fixing the fin in the wing. Stevo on April 15, I am worried about spray paint because my test have had bleading in a spot or two even when I check and check and check for good adheasion. Mar 04, Hopefully my little rug rat is sleeping and i can sneak off to the park. I’ll be uploading more and keep you guys posted of the progress.

Micro Alula glider

Jul 01, Not only hadn’t I plas for the extra room neededbut the weight of ballast in a heavy landing, in fact any landing, demolished the lightweight foam fuzz and wrecked the model I recommend going to a plajs build using ply or balsa, make it stronger and bigger to allow for adding ballast. I shaped the pod as nicely as a I could trying to keep it as round as possible and smoothly forming it to be flush with the wing where is will be joined.


When I cover anything I always fix one strip of tape, turn over and fix another strip exactly opposite. This thread is privately moderated by RCPCwho may elect to delete unwanted replies.

Also need to add some expo to both the ailerons and the elevator. However, the “factory” is shutdown for expansion, with no date given for restarting production. Well done guys in “chucking” alkla a DLG ish review! Looks sort plan like a bird! The plane still needed 14 grams to level up – even with the receiver in as forward a position as I dare cut. Last edited by davereap; Apr 22, at A-Clone session2 6 min 21 sec.

I am staring at the friggin clock waiting to get out of work to try this bad boy out. If you have never checked out his website it is: Any particular reason why you chose KFm9 over other KFm foils?

Its glued on with epoxy The foam fuselages could not take ballast and were too weak and fragile All of thesebig or small need a re-think on the fuselages Last edited by davereap; Feb 18, at And of course I had no spare servo parts with me: I think as I learn to fly it better, I can extend this to about sec.

Dream-Flight Alula | Flite Test

This is after about 10 minutes of crashing. In video 2 the glide at the start is good, but it was made using a too far forward COG so at some distance away the nose is starting to drop and I had to bring it up on elevator. Can’t wait for the x8 by the way! One of the servos had popped out possibly causing the odd behaviour.


The impetus so keep the EPP bare at the later part of the wing was to have the texture of the EPP actually act as a turbulator and inhibit the formation of separation bubbles which should be likely at the slow speeds and low Re this plane operates. Originally Posted by HamiltonCooper Where’s your “other one”?

But this time, I actually think I have something to give back or rather share. The glider is cool but I can’t make it fly for more than 15 sec The trailing edge of the wing is an arc of radius 34″. There is no great difficulty, all the layers were cut to full size so when laminated the LE was just a squared off shape. KFm-2 CG appears to be 3inches from leading edge. Today I got in a Fox 91″ I got on e-bay.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Make it deep enough to also act to prevent your servo horn getting hit in a landing On the A-clone it became alulaa that the battery would have to go right to the front of this box to get the COG. Thanks for the plans. Just off the top of my head, what about a scratch build DLG, using one of the wing patterns from an already FT flyer.

For the wings airfoil I built a KF1M step onto the bottom of the wing which should help out a lot. I wanted to share this design because not everyone can afford the real Alula or Weasel, and this one does compare very favorably to the original.

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