Roots of Civilization has 27 ratings and 3 reviews. Forrest said: [Update]: I’ve re- read the book since I wrote this review. It’s as good as I remember i. CHAPTER. The Early Work of Alexander Marshack. 1. Introduction. Alexander Marshack was born in April, in the Bronx. He attended highschool in the. The Early Work of Alexander Marshack. 1. Introduction. Alexander Marshack was born in April, in the Bronx. He attended high school in the borough and.

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He was also a skilled photographer and for several years worked for Life magazine.

Movius Papers, Movius to Osmundsen, 16 December, Help Center Find new research papers in: Yet its period of return was not recognized until its return in marshacl accurately predicted. In the spring of Marshack visited Ralph Solecki, an archaeologist, in his office at Columbia University, to discuss the problem he was having writing the few paragraphs on the origins of mathematics and astronomy.

Marshack’s work has been criticized as having over-interpreted many artifacts, finding numerical and calendrical patterns where none exist. The third has 3 “recuts”. Joshua marked it as to-read Dec 25, To ask other readers questions about Roots of Civilizationplease sign up.

Alexander Marshack – Wikipedia

This is alexandet of the clearest examples of a calendar associated with the phases of the moon. I’ve re-read the book since I wrote this review. Marshack, to his credit, has was detail to be observed in the marks on also spent a lot of time talking with a selec- some bone objects of the European Upper tion of scholars alezander other disciplines and Paleolithic to a description of how these reading their works.


His multi-volume report on the Abri Pataud is an exhaustive model of scientific archaeology. Revised and sonal involvement in his quest and the expanded edition.

Annette rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Gibson and artifact and the site as primary units of T. Finally there are the eclipses. John rated it it was amazing Sep 22, Nor had he shown his interpretation to any specialists so he had no clue whether a scientifically formulated version of his argument existed or, if not, whether his commonsensical one was even remotely plausible to the expert community.

Lists with This Book.

Alexander Marshack

JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content in a trusted digital archive. What is at issue is whether the story questions that challenge archeologists to go that he tells can be supported by the marshcak beyond their usual range of concerns. The next time I read this, I shall have to follow it with one of my favorite non-fiction reads of all time, Hamlet’s Millwhich also takes the longue duree approach to the history of cosmology and man’s interpretation of his place among the stars.

Looking at the archaeological evidence, Marshack drew the obvious conclusion regarding brain size and marshakc morphology. Finally, plates can get damaged. But Marschack did not examine Postage Stamps – he examined hundreds of bones and artifacts and stones that carried a variety of markings. None of these achievements —art, agriculture, mathematics, writing, calendars, urbanization, and so on—could have happened suddenly. This isn’t a gimmicky stretch, like one might expect from a Von Daniken.


Marshack then indicated that there were three kinds of notation: In fact, this book spurred me to minoring in anthropology when I did my undergraduate work a alexandeg of years later. Briar marked it as to-read Dec 02, I find this of particular interest because it has always seemed incorrect, even highly arrogant, to assume, as most historians seem to assume, that civilization begins with the first formal system of writing and that this first took place in Mesopotamia about years ago.

Log In Sign Up. To return to the initial account, Marshack said he diligently tried to disprove his interpretation. My experience has given me a personal, real and tactile sense of how one evaluates such material in this way. In some circles it is held to be controversial but as far as I am concerned the skeptics, well Journal of Mediterranean Studies 2 1: Jan 10, Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk rated it it was amazing Shelves: Had his reading been in the area of philosophical anthropology rather than social and paleoanthropology he might have reflected on the relative constancy of human nature.